A Story of A #HalfGirlfriend

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Note: It is a real story, I have changed the name only.

It is a story of Shreya and Aman. Shreya and Aman are my nursery friends and I was the person who has witnessed everything between them. Shreya used to share all her feelings about Aman with me. So I think, I am the best person who can be the story teller of their ‘Love Kahani’.

It was 2003 or 2004, we had a group that time and we took English tuition altogether.

Aman was a very decent guy and a brilliant student too. From our nursery school days, our friends told that there was something between them. Shreya and Aman were the best friends sometimes more than best friends.  I knew Shreya loved Aman and I think she was crazy about him. Shreya was a very good girl with good morals and values. She never dared to express anything to Aman (as far I know 😉 ) but Aman knew that Shreya was in love with him. That time Shreya was much close to me and shared almost everything with me. Aman was the whole world for that girl and sometimes more than her parents. 

I believe, if Aman asked her to leave the world for him, she could….the dedication was that level. Both of them love to spend time together and have shared many special moments too. But Aman was confused with their relationship. For him, Shreya was more than a friend but not a girlfriend. So she remains as his #HalfGirlfriend. I think they could be together but one person came between them and all equation changed.

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It was after our 10th exam, we had a plan to play Tagore’s dance drama and we were doing a full-fledged rehearsal for that. Shreya has asked her school friends too to join with us.

It was Avantica, Shreya’s one of the best friends in school. Avantica was a very sweet girl and a talented singer also. We all loved her singing and she was a nice person too. Avantica didn’t like Aman initially but we all know,’ Jodis are made in heaven’. There may be something happened between them and they started dating secretly.

It was Shreya’s elder sister’s marriage; I have noticed Aman went with Avantica to drop her at home. I was quite sure about them from that day. I told Shreya about their relationship but nothing was in our hand.

Aman and Avantika are happily married now. They are the lovely couple and Aman is a very dedicated husband also. I wish they would live 100 more years happily together.

But what about Shreya? She had never come between Aman & Avantika, rather appreciate their love and maintain a good relationship with both of them. I know how much Shreya loved Aman, in fact, I believe she loves Aman still and will love Aman till her last breath too. She could make things worst between Aman and Avantika but she left silently. Still, Shreya and Avantika are good friends and spend happy moments together.

I respect Shreya because she is the example of, how to rise in love rather than fall. She has redefined the meaning of love and has sacrificed a lot. I do not have much contact with Shreya now but she is alone still.

She loved Aman more than anything but all love stories don’t demand a happy ending sometimes one can live this with the tag  #HalfGirlfriend.


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