This Diwali Gift Learning to Your Little Star

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”- A. Mercier

On this Diwali, Gift your child that pleasure of learning!

How does your child learn?

They learn by using their senses like touching, smelling, seeing, tasting etc
They learn language and behavior by watching and copying people
And most importantly they learn through play.

Learn Through Play

Source: Skola Toys

Parents should know that play is the best way of learning.From babies to toddlers, all they are going to enter into a world where they will get so many things to explore and all these they can do through different gaming activities.
It helps them to develop their concentration, an imaginary mind and of course creativity.

If you are planning to buy Diwali special gifts for your child then I have an exciting plan for you!

Let me introduce you, an amazing brand called Skola Toys 🙂

Skola Toys is designed by Kido Enterprises, a brand that has been in the Montessori and preschool space for over 25 years.
The brand focuses on the child’s own impulses, emotions, natural curiosity and an innate desire to learn.
For children, learning ability is enhanced when they use all their senses towards a single objective and Skola is the strong believer of this multi-sensory approach.

The study says children are attracted more towards natural materials than artificial ones. All Skola toys are made of wood, sourced from renewable sources, making them natural and environment-friendly.The toys also are compliant with international safety standards.It is a proven fact that selection of right toys can help your child a long way when it comes to learning.

They have many toys designed for children for the age 1 to 8. Here I am sharing my 3 favorites that you can buy for your little star.

1. Stacking Belle

source: Skola Toys
For the age group 1 – 2 yrs

It enhances the baby’s motor skill by the active use of hand muscles.He/She will learn how to stack objects on a fixed core.Playing with this toy improves the child’s creative skill. All pieces come with different shapes so it will give the child a glimpse about geometry also.

Price: 745.00 INR

2. Sandpaper Upper Case

source: Skola Toys
For the age group – 2 – 3 yrs

At this age, children start going to preschools and so they enter into the world of alphabets. This toy will help your child to explore this new world in a far better way.These wooden cards help children to use their muscular, tactile and auditory senses.

Price: 895.00 INR

3. Sequencing Train

source: Skola Toys
For the age group – 3 – 4 yrs

I am so much excited with this toy and planning to buy this one for my son. He is 3yrs old and its time for him to explore the numbers.This toy has come with 10 different parts of a train that you have to place one by one to create the full image.So it will help your child to count 1 to 10.
At this age, a child starts thinking logically so this toy stimulates their logical and visual ability to assemble physical objects to get a complete meaningful image. Holding the pieces and arranging them improves children’s fine motor skills as well.

Price: 445.00 INR

You can visit their website to pick the best toy for your kid.They have a good number of collection.All the toys are very attractive and designed with an intention to give your child the best learning.

We all mammas, want to give our child the best education and learning. But it shouldn’t be a rat race for your little one.Give him/her the space to grow naturally.Instead of books, use different learning toys to make things attractive for them.

Learning should be a pleasure for them, not a compulsion.
So on this Diwali, you have Skola Toys to gift a wonderful learning experience to your child wrap up with love and care.


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16 thoughts on “This Diwali Gift Learning to Your Little Star

  1. Wonderful and unique gift for kids I must say. I already admire the conceptual learning that skola offers via its toys.

  2. This is really a very visionary article written by you Ma’am. This is not only learning by way of playing or the vice versa, it is the baby steps to responsibility that are aead in the childhood of every kid.

    They can learn valuable things for example they learn to make mistakes while having a mindset to reach the destiny as kidz in these ages (2-8) learn the art of science and their talent grows rapidly in this age.

    A right tool can help a kid to be successful at an early stage, rather to find happiness in the thing they do or to enjoy their game as well as study.

    Overall a great way to learn by means of playing.

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