The Dance Form Acharuli – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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I am super excited! Today is the first day of A to Z challenge. As you know I have revealed the theme already (#DanceKaPunchnama).

MyΒ  letter for the Day is β€˜A’

Acharuli – A dance form, originated in the Achara region of south-west Georgia. Acharuli is popular for the flirtatious and light hearted movements. The Georgian people express their love for land and life through spontaneous movements i.e. called Acharuli. This valley dance is accompanied by customary music, colorful dresses, and happiness.

How to perform this dance?

Acharuli Dance form
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There is no particular movement for this dance, it follows random steps.Β  It is a couple dance performed by a group of men and women. Men perform the stronger movements while women perform in the lighter mood. The overall mood of the performance defines the cheerfulness and the spontaneous love for life.


It is polyphonic music which means a number of instruments are played together during the performance. The instruments are bagpipe, panduri (a kind of flute), changi (harp) and drums.


In this dance, the performers wear the traditional Georgian costumes.

Men Costume - Acharuli Dance Form - A to Z Challenge 2018
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The men wear an undershirt (Piranha), underpants (Sheidishy), wide trousers (Sharvali) and Chokha (a long elaborate jacket). Chokha is a long-sleeved, colorful jacket made from wool. The men wear it with a belt which has a stiletto on it. The chokha has bullet-like bandoliers (Masri) on both sides of the chest.

Women Costume - Acharuli - A to Z Challenge
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The women wear stunning colorful costumes called Kartuli. It is a floor length long dress with embellished belt and it has decorated bodice and long laps.

A head dress is made of tulle veil (lechaki), bolster of silk and cotton (kopi); the cardboard rim is made of velvet (chikhta). A large calico veil (chadri) also worn by the women to cover the whole body except the face part.

The Gender Roles in Acharuli:

Acharuli Dance
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In all traditional dance form of Georgia, one can see the Georgian attitude. They always show respect to women. Acharuli is not an exception also.

The mood of the dance is playful, light-hearted with simple steps. According to the norm of Georgian society, men maintain a certain distance from women and show their respect too.

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What will be my next dance form for the letter β€˜B’?

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