eep A Clear Head With A Hectic Lifestyle

How To Keep A Clear Head With A Hectic Lifestyle

With the kids, the job, the house to clean and the countless battles, life doesn’t always run as smoothly as you plan it to. We all know the feeling of our blood pressure reaching dangerous levels when trying to get the kids out the door in the morning, dressed, lunch packed and school bags in hand while making sure you get to work on time and put a wash on before you leave the house. And while you might not quite have the funds to book a 3 month beach holiday in Barbados, with a few simple ideas you can make day to day life a little easier and keep the blood pressure in the safe zone.

Plan Plan Plan

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There is nothing that takes the pressure off like making a plan. Whether it be meal prepping, getting up a bit earlier or booking train tickets in advance, preparing for the week ahead can help you organize your time and feel more in control. The feeling of rushing around and being on a treadmill that never slows down can feel exhausting and leave you stressed out but by just allocating your time to certain tasks and knowing when you will complete them can be highly beneficial. So take out the Tupperware, make a checklist and fill the lunch bags the night before, it’ll save you time and maybe give you an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning.

Create a calming space

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Your home should be your sanctuary so make it into a place you feel you can relax. Whether you rent your home, are looking for houses for sale in Barnet or have found the perfect shared ownership properties in Greenwich, by just adding a few scented candles and fluffy throws you can transform a room into something soothing and bring in a sense of warmth and comfort. Adding a few plants around the home can also make a room feel more spacious and revitalised while improving air quality and making for interesting home décor. So once you’ve got the kids to bed and you’ve sorted out their uniform for tomorrow you can sit down in your cosy cave with a glass of wine and enjoy a bit of me-time.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

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It is easy to get wound up over a lot of things these days. Whether it’s the wifi lagging, the kids acting up or someone pulling out in front of you on the road, we can often lose our heads over things that don’t matter.  Getting frustrated can put any day on a downer and affect other people around you so while it may be difficult, try to keep a cool head and think before you lose your temper. By simply taking a few deep breathes and realizing your anger while only affect yourself negatively you can bring yourself back down and approach the situation calmly. Be logical about the things that rile you up and look at ways to fix the problem, for example if the train delays are making you late for work go straight to and find a place that suits you that allows you to walk work and save you money on the trains.

Make time for yourself

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Whether it’s reading a good book in bed, having a coffee in your favorite café or watching your favorite TV programme, give yourself at least half an hour a day to do something you really enjoy. Its easy to get wound up in work, the kids and your list of a million things to do but by simply giving yourself that time to look forward to each day where you can simply enjoy your own company and relax, you can make busy days a little easier. Time for yourself is just as important as the time you give to other people so treat it with the same priority and treat yourself to some TLC.

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27 thoughts on “How To Keep A Clear Head With A Hectic Lifestyle

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Good post, much needed in today’s hectic environment. There is so much going around in our mind, that we tend to forget to live life. It is important to indulge in some me time and just lazy off.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Tip 2 and 3!!! So on point! On most days if I can’t manage anything else, those are my two go to actions. I tidy up and make a space where I can think and work. After that, things kinda just fall into place. Really liked this post. Your tips are simple and effective! 😉

  3. Nice post dear. Me time is much needed in today’s tensioned environment where each minute you suffer from a pressure to complete new tasks. Such a helpful post too.

  4. I completely agree with matter how busy we are; its very important to have a ME TIME…that’s the only way one can feel a bit relaxed

  5. That’s a very helpful post and that’s true spending some time with ourself is very necessary and I always try to find out some time for me I a day to feel good from inside

  6. Right post at the right time. Life is keeping things really hectic and I at times feel that I need to clear up my mind and thoughts and rest out. I need that only “Me time ” the most now!

  7. I feel planning and “Me time” are the most crucial in clearing off the mind with this hectic lifestyle that we lead. Enjoyed reading this post!

  8. These are some great tips. Having a clean space around you makes such a difference in keeping head clear. Clutter only brings unwanted thoughts!

  9. Great tips Sayeri. I agree with all of the points. Self care is so important. I also agree with having clean and airy space so you have positive vibes around.

  10. I totally believe in the concept of creating a calming space. Scented candles work so well and always brightens my day

  11. That’s so true in this stressful life if we don’t take out time for ourselves then no one else will… life takes toll on you so relax have a bit of me time n be ready to conquer the world

  12. Such a great post and a must read for everyone. I sneak out time for myself from the busy schedule each day and it really helps me keeping energised and happy.

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