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Nachni – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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My letter for the Day is ‘N’

Every day, I am writing about different dance forms as the theme is #DanceKaPunchnama! Dance has no boundaries; we have huge dance forms across the globe. My intention is to cover as much as possible through this A to Z Blogging challenge, initiated by BlogChatter.

Nachni - folk dance - #DanceKaPunchnama
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I have keen interest on folk dance and as of now I have written about many folk dances of India. Do you people know the name ‘Nachni’?

Nachni is a popular folk dance and is performed widely in rural areas of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal.

Nachni Dance - A to Z Blogging
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Nachnis are basically outcasted women of the village and they are considered as women with loose morals. They do drink and smoke with village men. Generally, women from very poor families or widows are forced into this profession or lured into it.

How to perform this dance?

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This dance form is performed by expert dancers of rural area, who dance and sing also while performing on stage. The Nachni dance is performed by female dancers only. Those females are known as ‘Kept Women’ and usually they are paired with the male manager and dancing partner of higher caste through an informal marriage. They perform, they dance but they get very small amount of their income.

In this dance, Nachnis are thought to embody the goddess Radha while the male dancing partner stands for Krishna.


In this dance form, male performs the instruments. They move on the stage along with the dancer. The instruments are ‘Nagara’ and ‘Dhulki’.


There is no such costume for this dance. Women wear saree or ghagra choli while dancing on the stage. They do heavy makeup on face and dance in a seductive way wearing body explosive clothes.

Sharing here a video of Nachni Dance:

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What will be my next dance form for the letter ‘O’?

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