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Hip Hop Dance – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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My letter for the Day is ‘H

Hip Hop dancer is a street style dance form and it is closely associated with Hip Hop music. It has specific dance moves that fall under a range of styles known as breaking, locking and popping. This dance form is performed in groups where we can see an informal battle or competition of showmanship. It is a way of proving prowess. Here freestyle choreography is encouraged.

How to perform this dance?

Hop Hop Dance - #DanceKaPunchnama
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Here we will discuss about the top 5 elements of Hip Hop dance form:


Popping - Hip Hop Style - A to Z Blog Challenge 2018
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It involves a quick contraction and relaxation of muscles which causes a jerk in the body. Jerks are known as pops or hits.

Popping Terms:

  •         Puppeting
  •         Waving
  •         The Creep
  •         Tutting
  •         Robotting
  •         Ticking
  •         Dynorama
  •         Strobing
  •         Vibrating


Locking - A to Z Challenge April
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It involves quick movements, ‘locking’ into a position and hold the last position for few seconds. Movements are big and coordinated closely with music beats. Generally, the hip and legs remain relaxed while arms and hands move noticeably. Dancers who perform locking movements are called ‘Lockers’.

Locking Terms:

  •         Lock
  •         Points
  •         Throwback
  •         Wrist Roll
  •         Iron Horse
  •         Muscle Man
  •         Scooby Doo
  •         Stop & Go
  •         Scootbot
  •         Skeeter Rabbit
  •         Funky Guitar
  •         Knee Drop
  •         Leo Walk


B -Boying - #DanceKaPunchnama
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It is also known as B-Boying. Breaking is unstructured and improvisational. It comes from a dance form called uprock.

This particular dance form is performed at different levels:

Toprock (performed while standing),downrock (performed close to the floor),power moves (acrobatics) and freeze moves (poses). Dancers who perform breakdancing are called b-boys, b-girls or breakers.

B-Boying - A to Z Blog Challenge April
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Breaking Terms

  •         Rock Steady Crew
  •         Zulu Kings
  •         Sal Soul
  •         Crazy Commandos
  •         Dynamic Rockers
  •         New York City Breakers
  •         Air Force Crew
  •         Full Circle
  •         The Bronx Boys
  •         Seven Gems


boogaloo - #DanceKaPunchnama
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It is basically the loose movements of hips and legs. It will give the illusion that dancer has no bones while rolling the hips, knees, legs and head.

Boogaloo Terms:

  •         Twist-o-flex
  •         Walk-out
  •         Fakey
  •         Neck-o-Flex
  •         Cobra
  •         Snakin’
  •         Slides
  •         Glides
  •         Old Man
  •         Egyptian

Social Dances

Social dances are also part of Hip Hop style. It is freestyle dance and often seen in music videos.

Hip Hop Dance
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Social Dance Terms

  •         The Wop
  •         The Cabbage Patch
  •         The Roger Rabbit
  •         The Running Man
  •         The Rooftop
  •         The Humpty Hump
  •         The Worm
  •         The Kriss-cross


Beat: The heart of hip hop is beat.The bass drum is tuned low and hits hard.

Hip Hop Dance - Music Station
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Samplers: Hip Hop music is incomplete without it. A sampler has good collection of sound tracks modified in different ways.

Synthesizers & Microphones also the part of Hip Hop music.A digital audio workstation is needed to get the proper Hip Hop set up.


Hip Hop Dance Costumes
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Baggy sweatpants or slim-fitting joggers, jerseys and sneakers are the main costumes. Tracksuits and jackets are also much popular. These are unisex costumes. Tank tops and tube tops are preferred by most women. Both men and women dancers prefer wearing sneakers with a split sole as these shoes are generally flexible and have a good grip also.

Today, a lot of women opt for skirts with leggings and boots. Sensual dressing becomes popular and women are opting for shorts also.

The dancers wear many junk jewelries and bandannas, caps, tattoos are popular also.

Sharing here some videos of Hip Hop Dance performance:

See what dance form I have shared for the letter ‘G’

What will be my next dance form for the letter ‘I’?

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