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Tandava Nritya is the divine dance performed by Hindu God Shiva.This is a dance of anger, passion and intense energy and this vigorous dance is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.This cosmic dance form symbolizes five divine actions like Shristi, Sthati, Samhar, Tirobhava and Anugraha.

How to perform this dance?

This dance form needs bold, strong movements to show the anger, the passion and strength.

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The most popular form of Tandava is ‘Rudra Tandava’ that depicts his violent nature, first as a creator and then as a destroyer of the universe.

But according to hindu scholars there are total seven types of tandavas performed by The Lord Shiva in different moods.

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  1. Tripur Tandava:This dance was performed by Lord Shiva after he killed Tarakusara’s three sons Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana who were collectively known as Tripurasura. This dance symbolizes Shiva’s anger and courage.
  2. Kali Tandava: This is another destructive dance form where he took the form of Bhairava.
  3. Gauri Tandava: This is also a destructive dance form of Lord Shiva where he took the form of Bhairava or Veerbhadra and danced violently along with Gauri at a cremation ground in the presence of spirit attendants.
  4. Ananda Tandava: This dance shows bliss,joy and ecstasy.It is supposed to have been performed by Shiva after he finished performing Tripura Tandava, when Goddess Uma, performed the lasya dance to calm him down. Shiva was pleased by her dance and was expressed the happiness through ananda tandava.
  5. Sandhya Tandava: It is performed by Shiva during evening time and it is a peaceful and relaxed danced form of Tandava.While he dances, Lord Bramha, Vishnu,Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra even play musical instruments to enhance the beauty and richness of the dance.
  6. Samara Tandava: It is a destructive form of Tandava.When Lord Shiva was dancing violently the entire universe is destroyed.
  7. Uma Tandava: Almost same as Gauri Tandava. The only difference is, here this is Uma not Gauri who is his consort.
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The main instrument of Tandava is ‘Mridangam’. It is the instrument of Nandi. Even the word Tandava derives from the word ‘Tandu’ which is another name of Nandi.


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Here, dancers are dressed like Shiva. But it is performed in other classical dances also (Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc) where dancers perform Tandava wearing kathak or bharatnatyam costume.

Sharing here some videos of Tandava Dance:

See what dance form I have shared for the letter ‘S’

What will be my next dance form for the letter ‘U’?

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  1. I’m in total awe, amazement and fascinated by your a to Z Challenge on dance ka punchnama. The knowledge you share is interesting and unique!! I just love reading g this series. Eagerly waiting for the letter U

  2. Taandava popularly is the dance depicting Rudra rasa or anger( destruction) Great to know so much about the other forms too. I think only Ananda & Sandhya Taandava are performed to portray joy, celebration or happiness.Great article

  3. its amazing the kind of dance forms we have in India, every week, i look forward to your post to learn something new and share it with my son 🙂 keep up the good work.

  4. This is a such beautiful article on Tandava dance. I seriously did not know that there were so many variants of the dance form. The importance of mrudamgam and nandi have been explained very well. I will definitely share it with my friends so they are also aware of it 🙂

  5. Bang on! Sayeri, I’m really loving your Dance series , its filled with a new fun. And when it comes to Tandava, when I was young, I had learnt it little bit and till date this is the only form, closest to my heart!

  6. I am in love with this series that you’ve been doing. I haven’t really heard about this dance from , just seen it on some reality tv shows. Thanks for putting light on the minute details.

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