5 Of The Most Favored Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement rings have come a long way over the centuries. Even within the last century, there have been big changes in the style and deasign. So, let’s take a look at which diamond settings are popular these days.

Diamond Solitaire

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This is the preferred setting for many couples. The striking solitaire is favorite for a long time. While some designs come and go, the solitaire is still the best choice for us.

With this setting, the diamond sits in the spotlight, so both the quality and the cut are important. A round brilliant or princess cut work best. Also, an antique cushion cut makes for a beautiful style. Diamonds.co.nz offers elegant diamond rings in NZ so make sure to check out their collection.

Pave Settings

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Pave engagement rings are the epitome of luxury. The surface of the ring is covered with diamonds to create a continuous glittery surface. You can pick just about any gemstone for this type of setting, but the most popular are, of course, diamonds that are set closely together and then held in place with tiny beads of platinum or gold. After all, why settle for a single stone when you could have an entire row of bling. 🙂

There are many benefits of a pave setting, too, including the extra sparkle and the fact that the metal of the ring will not be visible anymore. It’s just a stunning line of glitter.

Keep in mind that a pave set ring can be difficult to resize down the line. If you choose a setting with stones all the way around, increasing or decreasing the size is difficult for the jeweller.

Three-Stone Settings

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These rings are also called Bostonian rings and are believed to represent the past, present & future of your relationship. The more traditional designs tend to display a larger diamond in the middle flanked by two smaller diamonds. But, there are those styles also that feature side stones which are close in size or even equal to the centre stone.

Princess cut gems are the most common choice for this kind of engagement ring.

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Halo Settings

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A halo engagement ring is just striking. The setting involves a centre stone encircled and enclosed by several pave diamonds. This setting creates an amplified look and frames the centre diamond beautifully.

In this halo setting, cutting of the diamond plays an important role. While round and princess cut diamonds are the most popular choices, oval and cushion shape diamonds also work very well with this setting.

Bezel Setting

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Bezel style engagement rings are often favoured for their modern look and feasibility. This is the most secure kind of setting. The bezel places the focus on the central diamond, which is wrapped to the rim with elegant edging of metal. This is a stylish setting with all focus on that sparkling centre attraction.

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You can choose between a partial or full bezel setting. With the full setting, the jewel is covered on all sides, just exposing the top of the stone. With a partial setting, only a section of the side of the stone is covered.

If you’re not sure about which engagement ring setting to choose, pick one setting among these best 5 ring-settings.


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