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A Wedding Cheat Sheet: For All Brides To Be!!

Wedding is a celebration of two lives, it is an enduring experience and the wedding memories are priceless for us too.

It is a day of bliss, delight and celebration. The couple enters into the new life so the gala day demands a grand celebration!

If you are planning for a big fat wedding then start planning 6 months prior for the Day. Starting from the decoration to wedding outfit all should be proper and on time.

Today I am going to share a cheat list for the bride to be:

Fix your Budget First: This is the most imp part of every wedding. You need to fix the budget first. Because the entire planning depends on your budget only.

Wedding Outfits for Bride
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Wedding Outfit: It is going to be the best day of your life, so be the best version of yours. A designer couture or online wedding boutique you have the options always. If you are looking for traditional color then go for red.  Nude shades are trending now so you can pick pastel, ivory gold, champagne, baby pink too. Today’s brides love to flaunt lehenga choli but what else do you need if you get a Sabyasachi Saree!! Be the ‘Sabya’s Bride’ is the ultimate dream of all brides to be.

Wedding Makeup and Jewelry
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Makeup & Jewelry: Hire a good makeup artist and tell him/her your requirement clearly otherwise it will be a mess.  If you are someone who doesn’t like heavy jewelries then go for diamond studded ornaments to look simple and classy otherwise kundan jewelries are the best option I think.

Bridal Mehendi
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Bridal Mehendi: Mehendi is something every bride love to flaunt! Browse through these 32 best Mehendi design trends to select one for you. Mehendi function is the best time to have fun with the Bridesmaids. Wear something bright but comfortable at the same time, click some good pics, put on the music and rock the dance floor.

Destination wedding
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Wedding Destination: I know you have a dream for fairy tale wedding right? In India we have some exotic locations to make your wedding a luxurious one. So let’s fly away to the destination.

Wedding Photography
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Wedding Photographers: This is the most important part of the wedding event because photos are going to be the lifetime treasure of yours. So plan for it also. Find wedding photographers online, check their work and pricing, shortlist them and fix an appointment with the selected ones and tell them about your choices. Photos should be clicked based on the couple’s personality. You know your partner well, so google for it and select some pics that you guys can recreate!

Still you have doubts in mind? Go for another option then.

Search for wedding planners; you will get amazing wedding planners online to fulfill all your requirements starting from wedding wear to venues everything can be sorted effortlessly.

Wedding cheat list - Sayeridiary
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So Keep Calm & Start Planning!! ☺

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  1. Great tips and ideas ,now wedding planning become easy without any mess/burden

  2. Perfect cheat sheet, Mehandi, destination, makeup, dress all are so important and can be planned in a wonderful way! Well explained Sayeri!

  3. These are wonderful points out in a blog for people to refer. Most importantly planning in advance helps. Great pics have been captured in the blog.

  4. Sarah says:

    This is a wonderful and an absolute must read post for all to-be brides.

  5. One needs to truly keep calm whilibw planning a wedding. You have covered almost all the aspects herr

  6. What a useful cheat sheet! Wish I came across one such post before I got married. I remember I panicked a lot as everything was just hanging in the middle. Yes keeping calm is so important but staying organised is essential too. Wed me good is such a good option to consider.

  7. Neha Sharma says:

    It’s a must read for all the to-be brides. Planning ahead is the mantra. For a girl the most important thing on her wedding is to look gorgeous in front of everyone and then also in the wedding pictures. So, make up, wedding dress and photography has to be just perfect.

  8. These important things for a wedding are really well explained on the blog. Starting from venue to makeup, everything is important.

  9. Papri Ganguly says:

    This the great way to cheat a wedding. Lovely way to plan everything of wedding.

  10. A perfect post for the bride-to-be. Pinned it will definitely share it with my friends.

  11. Lovely blog post. WL share with my friends to plan in advance

  12. This will surely help out all pre married couples and also to all single ones. This things are must today to remember it forever !

  13. Though already married, going through the list instigates the same urge again 😁😁
    Jokes apart, nice list n with definitely help all brides to be.

  14. You sum up everything so we’ll , no more worry while planning for wedding if these points are kept in mind

  15. Amazing and beautiful post. Very useful and beneficial tips for wedding planning. Great thoughts.

  16. This a nicely curated cheat sheet for wud be brides..Def Definitely this will help them in preparation of their wedding , outfits and photography is a must

  17. This will surely help out all pre married couples and also to all single ones. This things are must today to remember it forever !

  18. Thanks for the Lovely content!
    This will help us out in planing wedding.

  19. Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing. Do visit our website. We are event planners based on Chennai, India

  20. Thanks for the lovely content.

  21. dhilip says:

    Truly a stunning post! You really did an outstanding job in their capturing such a beautiful shot.

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