Wedding Makeover

An Ordinary Girl’s Dream To A BRIDAL MAKEOVER

Wedding is a turning point in a girl’s life. A transition from a woman to a bride!

It’s as exciting as the first fluttering thoughts you get as and when you steal glances of your fiancée.

Let’s unveil the veil of what goes on the mind of a bride and how she dreams of her makeover…

Uncovering the Veil

Wedding Veil
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Her wedding is indeed a showstopper moment!

A transparent embroidered veil (net duppatta) is adorned over her head, so that she can steal few romantic glances of her fiancée.

Moreover, the veil overlooks the straight focus to her eyes during ‘bidaayi’ as the veil shields her tears to be unnoticed.

Her Painted ‘Hands’

Who doesn’t like Henna?

Bridal Mehendi Designs
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The colour of the ‘Henna’ painted on her soft hands, showcases the colour of her ‘beautiful life’ that she is going to lead hereafter….

Glittering stone studded bangles with pearls adds up to her overall charm besides describing the star moments that she is waiting to achieve with her husband.

But the finger adorns one beautiful solitaire ring which is none other than her would-be whom she wants to ‘grow old with’ by facing the storms with a beautiful smile.

Mirror Moments…

Bride - Mirror Moment
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Normally, a bride is never allowed to go out of her home once she is engaged. This may be to keep them away from evil’s eye or to avoid themselves from getting tanned by roaming out in the sun…

But is ‘this’ the real case?

The real reason is, a soon-to-be bride is asked to deck herself up as much as possible and envy her beauty in front of the mirror, because the moment is never going to come-back post her marriage, where mirror is no more her best-friend.

Indian Bride - Wedding Moments
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It’s her better-half who would be her reflection from here on and on whose thoughts she’s indeed basking with happiness.

That ‘Re-assuring’ Moment…

Wedding moments
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Whether it’s a love marriage or arranged marriage – there’s always negation of mind and heart when it comes to ‘tying the knot’.

Is he the right one or let’s take some more time to ‘understand him’ and marry…

Indeed, this is the conversation that goes on a bride’s mind and heart.

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Indeed, yes!

It’s skeptical at the first no matter whomsoever you marry, but it’s that bond and trust that signifies ‘your love’ for him.

The ‘Golden Moment’

Bride wearing gold
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As you know gold and diamonds add up to the women’s beauty, making them glitter with happiness.

Hence, wedding is always a ‘star-studded’ affair especially in a bride’s life.

‘Got Hitched’ Moment

Wedding moments
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Ultimately, you’ve got hitched to the person ‘you’ve waited for’. Mostly, ‘It’s worth the wait’

Knot doesn’t define ‘the bond’ you have vowed to take forward with him,

It’s indeed not only the ‘vows’ …

But its how many ‘WOW’ moments you are ready to ‘create with him’.

Bride and groom - wedding moments
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Now ‘The Bidaai’ Moment

Saddest and indeed ‘happy’ moment – ‘The Bidaai’!

Wedding moments - Bidaii
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It’s when she leaves behind the old shoes she has been walking till date and slips on to her new shoes for making new memories.

And they ‘Happily Lived Ever After’


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3 thoughts on “An Ordinary Girl’s Dream To A BRIDAL MAKEOVER

  1. This is really a moment that is process of connecting the bridge in between an old life and a new life after marriage.

    The moment is full of new experience but embracing the new life with new era of hope, dreams and enjoyment.

    This is kind of Laddu jisne khaya wo bhi pachtaya and jisne nehi khaya wo bhi pachtaya 👰👰👰👰

  2. Bridal make up is most important thing for every girl in her most special day in life. It is very nice, keep the zeal.

  3. A very very very special day and never forgetable day in a women’s life long journey.

    Bridal make up has been a profession now for most of the girls.

    Some loves to do their own make up and some are there who love to do other people’s make up.

    Here comes your passion as a beautician.

    Enjoy the process. Cheers. Ok

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