Fashionable Sunglasses for Summer
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Fashionable Sunglasses for Summer 2018

“Sunglasses are like Eyeshadow

They make everything look Younger and Prettier” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Yes, I believe that too 🙂

A perfect shade can change your entire look. I can’t even think a day without sunglass. It helps us to save our eyes from scorching heat and give us a stylish look too. Another plus point is we can stare at people too 😉

Especially during summer, we should wear sunglasses always. I am a sunglass junkie and I have a good collection of branded shades too.

Different shapes, different designs, and different colors – you have all the options to keep up your style quotient in summer days.

Here I am going to share a good list for you! Let’s check it out J

Decorative Shades:

Now different shapes are trending and brands are doing experiment with gems, colorful pearls, and 3d designs. If you want an unconventional quirky style then these shades are must have for you.

Decorative Sunglass
Source: Pinterest

Colorful Shades:

If you love colors then summer is the best time to experiment with that. Let’s try different colorful shades to evoke your most fashionable avatar.

Colorful Shades
Source: Pinterest

Aviator Love:

I love to wear aviator shades. If you are someone who prefers cool and simple look then Aviator should be in your collection too.

Aviator Glass
Source: google

Tinted Lenses:

During summer days we prefer to wear white colors. So try some tinted lenses like yellow, green or pink to brighten up your outfits.

Tinted Sunglass
Source: google

Cat-Eye Glass:

You can create a classy and simple look with this shade. Especially for office goers, a cat-eye glass will match perfectly with their formal outfits.

Cat-Eye Glass
Source: Pinterest

Follow The Diva:

If you have your favorite diva from Bollywood or Hollywood then you can follow her style too. Like for me, I love to follow PC (Priyanka Chopra) always. 🙂

PC wearing Aviator
Source: Google

If you are looking for the brands like D&G, Prada, Ray-ban or Marc Jacobs then buy your discount designer eyeglasses online because you will get good collection at best price always.

Wearing Aviator - Ray-Ban
Source: Sayeridiary

Before going for an online purchase just check the review of that website once.

Benefits of wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only an imp fashion accessory it has some amazing health benefits too.

  1. Maximum skin cancer affects the eyelid and shades protect our eyes always.
  2. According to WHO, maximum people are blind because of cataract. UV rays cause cloudiness in the eye lens. So wear sunglass to protect your eyes from UV-rays.
  3. Sunburn can create black patches around your eyes. So wear a sunglass and save your beautiful eyes. 🙂

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  1. For those of you that are already planning summer vacation outfits, don’t forget to cop some SS18 sunglasses before you hit the beach. While sunnies can often be a pain to shop for in terms of size, shape, and color, we’ve compiled a list of pieces in a range of styles, from luxury fashion brands and the somewhat more affordable high-street retailers.

    Whether you want to make a statement with tiger print frames from CHiMi, or something classic like Gucci’s aviators, the following list has got you covered for every budget and every face shape.

  2. pythoroshan says:

    I definitely think, of the lot, I’d go for some tinted shades next time. Been awhile since I had one with some relatively unique colour.

  3. jhilmildsaha says:

    Aviators anyday for me. I simply love sporting aviators. The best part is it goes well with every outfit.

  4. hi, post and your picture remind me of a song kala chasma jachda hai. i love to wear sunglasses but hestiate as it will not suit me. i will surely try and flaunt around

  5. Nice one. I am an aviator lover, I think it goes well with both formal n casual.

  6. This is such an informative post about sunglasses. I shall try other glasses soon!

  7. I loved the floral one wish to try at least once

  8. I’m crazy about Aviator sunglasses. They look simply cool on every person. Thanks for sharing 👍

  9. I cannot step out without my sunglasses. Agree that they totally change your look and personality. I have cat-eyed frame for my vision glasses. I have never tried Aviators, would check them out next time.

  10. Sunglasses indeed glam up ur look evey season.. loved ur post

  11. adorable we says:

    wow these sunglasses are so fashionable amd they even protect you at the same time

  12. These are so trending! I so want to have them all 😍😍😍

  13. Zainab says:

    Aviators are my absolute fav! Sunglasses are my fav accessory and I try keep changing them every week 😉

  14. Vishakha Vij says:

    Hey! Those are some amazing pieces! Gotta shop some for myself 😍😍

  15. Amazing sunglasses collections for stylish look. I liked the aviator and tinted sunglasses.

  16. Alexx Bloom says:

    I am bored with aviators so gonna go with cat eye and colour maza

  17. Thesizzlestory says:

    Ultimate post for shades. Thanks!

  18. I have also realised that the cat eye sunglasses are like talk of the town and in latest trend . Love your post

  19. Deepali says:

    I have been an aviator fan but gonna try out others too now 😎

  20. I absolutely agree that sunglasses are an important accessory not only as a fashion accessory but for protection from harmful uv rays. I have a few pairs for myself. And I am gonna buy one for my 1.5 year old as well.

  21. i agreed with you. sunglasses also change person look ,style and personality. i will surely gonna have one soon

  22. I also love wearing sunglasses they are good to protect your eyes and looks great as an accessory.

  23. Vridhi Dhamija says:

    Sunglasses dont suit me at all😞 what to do

  24. Wow so coool

  25. I love wearing sunglasses and I have many sunglasses. Now tempted to buy few more.

  26. Woohoo.. those colorful shades were awesome. Tinted shades are what I love the most.

  27. flavorsofworld says:

    Me also a great lover of aviator.. It’s gives a unique and classy looks always

  28. Such a lovely post. I love my Rayban Aviators as well as Steve Madden oversize sunglasses. I went for tinted gradient lens in my aviators and even though I bought it online, it was eye watering £90 after discount.
    Rayban looks so good on you Sayeri.

  29. Papri Ganguly says:

    Sunglasses play an important role in our daily fashion trend.

  30. I am always an aviator lover. But I also like cat eye frames too. Fab love all the picks here

  31. Sunglasses are always amazing but I am sure ladies always find it hard to pick among – Decorative, Cat-Eye, Colorful, Aviator, Tinted & others. Because each of these glasses also fits along with specific dress and has its own coolness-factor. But surely a nice article giving alot of info 🙂

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