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5 Best Outfits Idea – Dress It Well

Hello, My lovely ladies!

Fashion is something we drink and sleep with! So what does it mean to you? It’s not about following the trend blindly, it’s about your comfort and style. We follow the Bollywood divas on Instagram and their feeds are something we never miss out.

But remember, the jumpsuit that Alia Bhatt wore in a movie promotion may not work in your case.

Sonam Kapoor can flaunt a denim saree well but it can be a fashion disaster for you.

So Dress Properly!! 🙂 🙂

You have to be very concerned about your body shape, complexion, comfortability and the occasion you are going for. You can’t attend a wedding party wearing a jumpsuit right? 🙂

So here today I am going to share the 5 best outfits’ idea that you can try as partywear to daily wear!

A Jumpsuit for Day Out:

When I plan for a sudden day out I prefer jumpsuit always. Either it is my shopping time or hangs out with friends trendy jumpsuit is comfy and gives you a stylish look at the same time.

Dhoni famous, Kiara Advani spotted wearing a khaki jumpsuit. Middle parted hair and black sandal can give you ‘out from the crowd’ look!

Jumpsuit for day out
Source: google

But still, denim is ruling my heart when it comes to jump-suit. Now you don’t need to rush to the stores because there are plenty of websites where one can get sexy jumpsuits for women with different design and color variation.

A  Saree to Slay:

When you are planning for a wedding party how could you ditch a saree? This attire is something that changes your entire look. Women look beautiful in saree always.

I know, you must be thinking about the draping style! If you don’t feel comfortable with the traditional draping style then add some twist into it. Wear a designer long kurti and drape the saree with a belt.

Saree with belt
Source: google

Palazzo for Office:

This is the best pick for office goers. Sometimes we are in hurry and don’t understand what to wear and what not. Palazzo suit is my favorite. You can wear it with an embroidered top or with kameez and dupatta.

Palazzo suit
Source: google

Dress Like A Diva:

A dinner date with your man or a call for cocktail party whatever the reason is sexy skater dresses always make your fashion quotient right. Go for a shimmery one or you can play a monochromic fashion game!

Yami Gautam is looking breathtakingly beautiful in this white color dress at Dangal success party.

Skater Dress
Source: google

If you want to buy such dresses, then check out Fashionme once.

Long Shirt or Kimono:

Now I am obsessed with this look. Wear a top with  blue denim and flaunt a long shirt or kimono over it. Keep it unbutton!  It looks smart and trendy at the same time.

Shirt with Denim
Source: google

Isn’t she looking pretty?

So, what is your best pick? Please share with me in the comment box below.

Be Happy & Stay Stylish!


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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Great post. you have suggested some valuable points. I must say your sense of fashion is extremely good. I love the jumpsuit worn by Kiara Advani. I like to wear things which are comfortable as well as trendy. This jumpsuit fits the bill. I love its color and pattern.

    Thanks for sharing amazing post. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. I’m loving the kimono or the long short the best. It completely fits my style sense! This is going to be one of my favourite posts.

  3. I always believe listening to your body, being comfortable in what you wear, and pulling it all off with confidence.

  4. Ritu Kalra says:

    I personally love the jumpsuit. .though all outfits are smart…but I feel one should just be confident and everything looks good !!

  5. Ritu Kalra says:

    I personally love the jumpsuit. .though all outfits are smart …but I feel that one should be confident and everything looks good !!

  6. That khaki jumpsuit is totally my style. I also like Deepika’s palazzo pants. Print is also so pretty. Thanks for sharing xx

  7. Palazzo is one of my favorite. When I went shopping I end up with buying a palazzo

  8. Ritu Kalra says:

    I personally love the jumpsuit …though all the outfits are amazing …I believe just be confident and everything looks good ..!!

  9. I really liked the colour of jumpsuit .
    Plazzos are the best for summers as I find them comfortable in this season.

  10. i’m totally in for dress, Yami Gautam is looking Fab in white. great ideas on dressing in the post i loved it

  11. Amazing and beautiful collections of the attires. I like the jump suit and white outfit worn by yami Gautam. Yami Gautam looking stunning and gorgeous. Very useful and beneficial tips for Fashion. Great thoughts.

  12. Kimono and palazzos are my fav of the picks. Super post

  13. I have always had a dream of wearing a kimono.. after watching shinchan of course! 😂 But honestly, I love kimonos and alia’s look is gorgeous 😍 but palazzos are my all time favourite!

  14. alpanadeo says:

    Palazzo is my anytime favorite. They are very comfortable. Jumpsuits are my second favorite. I just feel Alia Bhat looks good in any kind of dress.

  15. Such slaying styles! You are right each body type is different and so not everything suits. But what’s most comfortable should be the choice.

  16. I loved the last one. I agree palazzos are damn comfortable and can give a formal look tooo

  17. All the looks are indeed chic and out going. I loved the kimono look. It is so in Vogue these days.

  18. Great list of trendy dresses. I love sarees and plazzos as they can be paired well for various occasions and events

  19. I personally think that good jumpsuits and sarees or a perfectly tailored dress can be head turners in any gathering.Never tried a long shirt because of my short frame but now that you said it -let me try that too .

  20. Apt trends. Personally I love the kimonos and palazzos for the comfort they provide along with making us look trendy

  21. super like! I’m sold for the kimono look and i love to wear dresses. Don’t really have the itch to try out sarees but i just might try now! loved the post

  22. uttpalkhot says:

    I always believe in making a style statement. Create your own style and wear whatever you can carry comfortably 🙂


  23. palazzos and cullotes are my current favorites because they are so comfy. I like the idea of Kimono too.

  24. Sarah T says:

    Wow some really trending outfits and styles I see here.
    I personally would love to experiment with the shirt-denim and kimono trend assuming it should suit my body type.

  25. You know…I too love long shirt or kimono it look so stylish and ya I too got inspired by Alia looks many times

  26. Love the post.. I feel fashion runs with u.. great ideas.. I love wearing saree n jumpsuits

  27. That’s very beautiful and trendy outfit ideas. I would love to try jumpsuit and Palazzo

  28. Some inspirational looks here Sayeri, loved them to the core. Will sure weave them in my dressing up.

  29. jhilmildsaha says:

    No one can ever beat a saree I think. Be it office or a party its the boss of all outfits. Nice compilation.

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