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Swap or Change Anytime – Economically by Renting Furnitures

Nowadays increasing job scenarios demand relocation. If you’re single and not having options of mingling, then staying in a furnished house, unless your office provides one is a passé.

But then, if your work demands you to put up in that project location for say a month-long or yearlong and you’ve no other go, but take your old parents or caring wife or lovable kids along with you – taking furniture’s on rent can save so much without burning a hole in your pocket.

Indeed yes, you may have a luxurious house in the heart of the city, but circumstances and exigencies have made your shift to a new city. Heading to an entirely new locale, taking the effort to find a furnished home might cost a fortune. This sharing economy has grown exponentially by garnering people the idea of renting from property to clothes, including furniture’s.

Thus shoving you off from the burden of maintaining or having to repair or buy a new one.

Rent furnitures
Source: City Furnish

You can swap, change and at the same time be economic by effectively using your money on home decor accessories for the following reasons,

Saving on Pocket Pinch

There is a saying ‘Save for today and stop buying unnecessary things, as a day will come when you’ve to sell of those which are necessary. It’s apt in case of life-situations too. You need not overdo the decor of your home just to show off. In that case, make a blue-print of what you ideally want and how you would want to decorate your house-interior, post then you may decide on buying or renting appliances of use for rent.

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Make a Choice for the necessary, leaving the Unnecessary

You never know when situation changes as our life is very uncertain.

Hence, it would be better if you could foresee the minimal necessaries by scrapping off the unnecessary from your list. For eg, if you’re planning a pilot office set-up with the idea of recruiting people and hiring a space for them. Moreover, you’re also not sure how long will it take you for building the company or hiring a space for the team members?

In that case, you can either rent office furniture at your home for few months or then go big on the idea by investing more.

Always question before ‘Buying’

This is one such question people overlook and not ask themselves before splurging money on the unnecessary.

For e.g., If you’re a health freak but at the same time you do not know if you can follow a discipline of going to the gym or work-out on a treadmill due to your busy schedule.

Image result for treadmill
Image Source: NY Times

You can rent a treadmill, do some work-out and get used to it, instead of buying a whole new one for say around 25k to 45k or shelling your money at a gym and not trying to balance it out due to indefinite work schedule.

As we know cost of living being a main concern these days, maintaining a family and on home decor equally costs you much. But then taking few wise decisions in life might save you from shelling money for the things you need and to follow the rule of being economical. Buying furnished homes in the city of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai might cost you much, instead you can look for a compact house and add on to it the required amount of decor.

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Decorating your home by getting hold of furniture’s on rent especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore may be a good choice, when the expectation to meet up the basic amenities is quite tough.

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Nice interesting post. Though I am sure very sure if renting furniture will be really money saving. I still think renting a furnished house is a better option rather than renting furniture.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Renting out is always good option and Im amazed at the benefits city furnish is giving. Relocation benefits are great.

  3. Interestingly, we are shifting to new house and planning to rent some good furniture. Great that I came across this post.

  4. i can so relate to this. we move every 4 hours and shifting is a real pain, plus so much damage that comes along with it. this is an awesome idea

  5. i can so relate to this. we move every 4 years and shifting is a real pain, plus so much damage that comes along with it. this is an awesome idea

  6. I don’t have any hint about this that we can get the treadmill too on rent, must say it’s a good idea to get it all on rent

  7. These are great tips n saves a lot of money. This also facilitates changing of home decor time n again, which is not feasible otherwise

  8. Renting furniture is always best esp if frequent relocation. A big hurdle but thanks to this new renting offers which makes life easy

  9. Never knew that we can even rent a treadmill.. i am so happy I across this post .Very Informative and helpful:)Thankyou for sharing

  10. Ritu Kalra says:

    I love the idea…renting furniture can save a lot of can change it whenever you desire..buying is always expensive

  11. Thats such a fabulous idea! It will save so much money if anyone wants to change the style or decor of their house. I see some modern furniture pieces too.

  12. Amazing and beautiful post. Great collections of home decor. Renting furniture is best for renovation. Great thoughts.

  13. jhilmildsaha says:

    Renting out furniture is such a convenient option, specially for those who often have to shift home for work purpose.

  14. Yeah agree with you when we are relocating to new place renting furniture can be a pocket friendly, convenient, time saving option to go for.

  15. oh this is such a lovely concept of renting furniture. I love to change my furniture somebit in about 6 months or during festivals time. So I am surely gonna try this website

  16. Renting furniture is definitely an easy and Hassel free way to live in a metro city.

  17. It’s really interesting the concepts people are coming up with to accommodate people who have toto reloca for short term projects. The concept eliminates wastage in such cases as well.

  18. It’s a great idea to rent out things first before buying so that we see the utility before spending a huge sum

  19. I do not feel we should rent furniture if one has a permanent address but it make sense if you are constantly shifting or renting for certain occasions or for a short term like a guest or a baby.

  20. Amazing post. Great collections of home decor. Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing

  21. uttpalkhot says:

    This is definitely good for people who are on constant move. Renting furniture allows choice of color combination and decor management. Nice and informative post.


  22. We have shifted 3 houses in last 3 years. All were semi furnished. So, is definitely a good option for us who has to relocated a lot. Good helpful post.

  23. Yes indeed dear renting is a very viable option in a transferrable job, thank you so much for enriching us with this vital option.

  24. this is a wonderful idea. moving furniture is a real pain . this is easy and hassle free

  25. Renting furniture is such a feasible option when you do not wish to invest in heavy loads and prolonged EMIs.
    These are amazing options, thanks for sharing with us.

  26. Thanks for sharing such a useful post. I am definitely going to pass the information about City Furnish to my friends .

  27. Renting furniture is great option that really cut out tension of owing a costly furniture specially when you are in transfer jobs.

  28. That is a very helpful article. I’m constantly on the move and have changed houses which have it’s own hassles. However I’ve always been of an idea that it’s better to own the furniture thru emi options instead of renting one.

  29. srikanth says:

    Hi friends this is Srikanth. While I am searching for furniture on rent in online, I have found I ordered home furniture for the period of 1 year by applying Cityfurnish coupon codes from saveplus. The product quality was very good and I got in time.

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