Happy Teacher's Day

The Teachers of My Life – Happy Teacher’s Day

Do you have a special connection with your teachers? Do you think they are playing the key role in our life?

Well, the teacher’s day is special for me always. I feel what I am doing today just for them only. They teach us the values of life; their encouragement helps us to do good in life.

My school days started at a local kindergarten school and still, I feel blessed for having such wonderful teachers in my life.

Soroshi aunty, Bidula aunty, Arpita Aunty, tutu aunty and you all are my favorite still.

When I started my high school days, I was so excited and tensed at the same time. Starting from class V to Class XII, it was 8 long years and still, those 8 years are the best part of my life. I have a hell lot of memories there. We had a group and it was quite popular in the school.

Yes, we were naughty but we were teacher’s favorite too. 🙂

I still miss the Bengali classes of Kalyani di and Sonali di, I wish I could attend the English classes of Nivedita di and Sulagna di again. Tanima di, Maya di, Kalpana di, Arati di, Anita di, Phalguni di, Dipanwita di, Tanusree di, Baby di, Library’s Kanak di and it’s a never-ending list. I love them all and I feel whatever I am doing today just for them only.

Teacher's Day
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At that time, we had a good connection with our teachers. If we did mistakes then they scolded us. They guided us; they helped us to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. They didn’t educate us only; they have given us the life lesson as well.

I thought college would be a different place. I couldn’t make friends here even relation with professors would be so formal. But I was wrong. Yes, I was absolutely wrong!!

I think the entire students of Zoology department feel blessed because we have got M.B. Madam as our professor. We get immense love from her and she treats us as her own children.

Sorry guys for posting this pic but I dont have any current one now. So posting it without your permission.

We passed out in 2009 but still, we reunite every year at Madam’s place. It’s almost 9 years and still, we literally wait for the day. Whatever I say will be less for her.

What I feel is, now students don’t have the connection with the teachers that we had. They spend the maximum time at school. Teachers play the key role in their life.

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So, Respect your teacher and make them feel proud of you!!

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One thought on “The Teachers of My Life – Happy Teacher’s Day

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    What a lovely post. We are what we are today because of our teachers. They have guided our life and help us achieve whatever we have today. I have to thank all my teachers who have helped me shape my future.

    Thank you for this post. have a good day. 🙂

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