Reason Behind Those Red Scaly Rashes on Babies Sensitive Skin

As a mom, care and caution is what I have been thinking over for my son. As per my mom’s advice, I have used cloths as baby wipes, thinking that market friendly baby wipes have chemicals and could be of great harm for baby’s skin.

Cloths can be the reason of rashes too

But then I was wrong. Fortunately, I surveyed and found out that soft fibre cloths we use as a replacement to baby wipes have at least 10 gms of feces for which my baby started developing red rashes.I was completely unaware about this fact. But the truth is that these fibres have bacteria which cause rashes to the sensitive skin of babies. Especially for the new born – baby care becomes a ‘top priority’.

But selecting right baby wipes can save your babies skin from these allergies. Always opt for water based baby wipes over chemical and artificial plastic based wet wipes.

Reasons why you must not opt for plastic based baby wipes:

  • There remains a chemical preservative called methylisothiazolinone (MI) which causes dangerous reactions and allergies.
  • Other conditions can result to eczema
  • The allergens in these wet wipes are mostly and always preservatives

During that time, I was quite worried about the rashes on my babies butt and hands. It was then my friend introduced me to Mother Sparsh baby wipes. These are free from paraben & alcohol and are much better than lotion based wipes available in the market.

Water Based baby wipes
Source: MotherSparsh

These baby wipes contain extracts of Aloe Vera which controls the pH balance and are hypo-allergens too.

Do A Flame Test Always

To bring to your note, I had conducted a flame test to a lotion based wet wipe that I had purchased from the market. I did another flame test with Mother Sparsh wet wipes and all what I found was – no plastic or burning black residue in these. But heavy residue was found in artificial lotion based wipes.

Today’s cosmetic industry have become such that, nothing is free from chemicals. In fact, the vice-versa, it is infested with heavy chemicals.
Source: Mother Sparsh

Moreover, it is your baby’s skin which needs to be protected in the initial years. If not you, then who else. A baby can only express its pain by crying but as a mother we must be extra careful while purchasing anything from the market.

In the name of baby products, artificial chemicals are infested and adulterated that we have lost faith in the present pharma and chemist industry.

Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Mother Sparsh wet wipes which has not only been harmless but was an eye opener on the present chemicals being used.

Baby Wipes
Source: Mother Sparsh

Do Research and Read Reviews before Selecting the Product

Hence, an advice to all new mothers, expectants, to be cautious about food products and baby related products. Check the ingredients of the product and ensure by thorough research, if it’s safe for your baby or not.

But, must say Mother Sparsh is an extraordinary baby wipe product and is highly recommended to be used on babies. It’s safe, secure besides keeping your babies butt supple and soft.

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Mother Sparsh baby wipes are such wonderful invention for babies. I am glad it is free from paraben and alcohol. Since babies’skin are very sensitive, it is important to do thorough research before buying any products for babies.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. 🙂

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