Multi-grain Cereal For Your Baby’s Growth and Learning Ability

If you are a new mother, chances are that you have a lot of concern over choosing the right kind of cereal for your little one. When you decide to take your baby off breast milk and introduce solid food in his/her diet, there are so many options of commercial cereals that you are most likely to be confused. This is why it’s essential to trust a brand that is non-GMO project verified and cares about providing all the necessary nutrients for your baby’s growth. 

One such name is Gerber. Since 1927 they have been one of the longstanding brands committed to promoting good nutrition and healthy eating habits for children. Gerber offers a variety of organic single grain and multi-grain cereals for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. 

You can choose from rice or oatmeal single grain, whole wheat and multi-grain cereals that are available in packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12. 

Recently I tried Gerber’s multi-grain cereal for my little munchkin and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It has helped my kid be exposed to new taste, while providing essential nutrients for their growth and healthy bones and teeth. Once the child is off breast milk or formula, it’s essential to include iron in his or her daily diet and this Stage 2 cereal is a perfect choice for that. With only 2 servings a day I was comforted to know my child has 90% of his daily iron needs fulfilled. 

Not just iron, Gerber’s multi-grain and single grain cereals are loaded with other vital nutrients essential for your children’s growth and learning ability. 

Made with magic ingredients 

When it came to introducing my little one to multi-grain cereals I was concerned about choosing the right balance of ingredients. In Gerber’s I have found just the thing! 

Whole grain wheat flour

Whole wheat is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Plus its high fibre content helps the digestive system perform to its absolute best. I liked the fact Gerber’s multi-grain cereals are made with whole grain wheat flour because it makes sure that the bran and germ portion of the wheat berry remains in the flour. Although you should consult your pediatrician before introducing whole wheat in your child’s diet, if he/she has ever shown signs of gluten allergy. 

Whole grain oat flour

Similar to whole wheat, oats is also a great source of dietary fibre, plus vital protein, iron, magnesium and zinc. It is gentle on digestion and prevents constipation. Adding oats into your child’s daily diet also provides a good source of energy. 

Rice flour

Similar to oats, rice flour is also a great source of energy for children. While some kids may be allergic to wheat, rice is stomach friendly for all. Plus rice is essentially the first solid food for kids in almost all cultures. 

Whole grain rye flour

Rye flour is packed with nutrition. It helps control blood sugar, optimize heart health and its high levels of soluble fibre can also reduce cholesterol. 

Pearled barley flour

It’s important to include ingredients into your baby’s first solid food that are high in fibre and low in starch. One such item is pearled barley. It is loaded with phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassium along with other vital nutrients. 

How to feed your baby Gerber’s multi-grain cereal 

It comes in a fully cooked and ready to serve pack. All you need is to add liquid. 

For babies

Add the required amount of cereal in a bowl and mix it with breast milk or formula in desired consistency. 

For toddlers

Add the required amount of cereal in a bowl and mix it with water, milk or fruit juice of your choice. 

You can feed the cereal mix as is or microwave it for a few seconds. If you like to serve it warm, check the temperature before feeding.

Iron for your baby’s overall growth 

One of the major reasons for adding a multi-grain cereal into your little one’s diet is the need for Iron, especially when he or she is off breast milk or formula. Lack of iron creates a range of problems in your child’s growth and brain development. Many children these days suffer from iron deficiency and as a result face a lot of health and developmental issues later on. 

The best and most popular medically advised way to address this is through introducing iron-rich solid foods into your baby’s diet 6 months onwards. This is the reason Gerber’s multi-grain cereal is a no-hassle and super food for your baby and toddlers.


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