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Eyeliner & Eye-shadow (2 in 1) And Natural Hair Mask – The Ultimate Beauty Boost

I love experimenting with my eye makeup! Shhhh! Everybody says my eye language is all about my beauty. And to change the expression, mood and dialects, I think eye liner and eye shadow plays a charismatic role and is yet easy to use.

While exploring many brands and different eye makeup designs I got to pick up the Seven Seas 2in1 Eyeshadow & Gel Eyeliner. Let me tell you the best part! Even if you blink or your hands are not firm enough in illustrating a sharp dramatic line, the fascinating brush and the jet black gel based eyeliner will make it all easy for you.  

While you are playing with dark bold strike above your upper lash you may make a smoky look with the light shaded black eyeshadow below the lower lash or on upper eye lid. It does not smudges at all so no worries about oily or normal skin. The brush has two ends; one for eye liner and other for eye shadow. The eyeshadow is cream based hence glides very smoothly on the eye lid or lower lash line.

Made in best interest of the consumers it comes in an accomplished set up. The eyeshadow is over the eye liner section. And the dual ended brush makes it all comfortable for users. It is easy and compact to carry and also there is a mirror for touch-up. It comes in a cardboard package where all details are mentioned like:-

  • Product ingredients
  • Manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, certification
  • Best part is its application guideline which trains on how to use and which way to move the brush to get a proper effect.
  • And loads of information that you want to know before trying it.

It remains intact for more than 3 to 4 hours. It is water-proof, anti-sweat and also comes in anti-oil formulation. It also contains moisture to moisturize the tender skin around eye. And has repairing factors to nourish eye muscles and skin. If you have a sensitive skin then it is better to wash the eye liner brush after every use.

Over all – I love using this product as it accomplishes my desire of versatile eye dressing. But is very pocket-friendly which doesn’t distress you with budget. When the look and price keep you happy then what can be better than this.

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Green Intensive Hair Mask (Anti-Hair Fall & Root Repair Formula)

Every winter my hair gets dry and dull with dandruff and hair fall. And after I have straightened my hair this problem is severe. It is now sixth month running after my hair straightened. But my hair stylist is continuously giving me an alert regarding noticeable hair breakage.

One of my friend suggested Green Intensive Hair Mask which she had used herself and is benefited within 1 month. This deep concentration intensive hair mask works as a wonder. It controls hair fall, dandruff and repairs hair from root. Nourishing the hair follicle it nourishes melanin pigmentation in the cell rooted under each hair follicle. Hence it prohibits grey hair.  

Based on full organic products it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is naturally nourishing for scalp and hair. The hair repairing formulae is very effective. It is rich in plant milk, aloe vera, almond, jojoba oil, argan oil which makes deep conditioning. It is very easy to use and takes 10 minutes to complete the nourishment cycle.

Overall – I am very happy using this product as now hair looks lush, bouncy and shines with a healthy glow.

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19 thoughts on “Eyeliner & Eye-shadow (2 in 1) And Natural Hair Mask – The Ultimate Beauty Boost

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Lovely post. This is the perfect time to gift your loved ones with something they will cherish. Na d this product surely looks like one.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. Beautiful products. I keep buying trash and i think this one will be worth my money. Loved the Eye makeup on you.

  3. I really Dono what to get in this wide market! This is gonna help me for sure! Thanks for helping people like me

  4. Loved this 2-in-1 eye shadow and eyeliner. I’m not too skilled at applying eyeliner and this seems like the perfect choice for me. The hair mask is a must-have after winters.

  5. The hair mask seems good. I am liking the soft eye make up on you.
    Will.check this brand for sure

  6. i have used both these products and must say, they are really good. the hair mask has become an essential for me. it really changed my hair texture

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