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Night Dresses For A Special Impression With Comfort & Oomph FACTOR

What bang you on with the term NIGHT DRESS? Comfort or some mischief? Well, here we are accomplishing both of your desires. Zivame…just type this 5 alphabets and you are a click away from a world of exclusively comfortable and naughty collections of dressing gowns and night dress for girls.Check an array of luxury designs, fabric and prints. Come on girls, enjoy your bed time with the gorgeousness that you carry throughout the day.

Zivame….the ultimate destination for Innerwear

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Being dedicated in assorting collection of exclusive inner wears Zivame endeavours to reach close to your heart. It hand-picks all best fittings, fabric, stitch, design and quality of products that supports you being confident and comfortable. Slide on to its Night Wear section unfolding collections that match your personality and mood. This section can ensure a sweet dream and a good sleep.

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Highlights of Nightwear Segment

Being more expressive and experimenting the women folk have accepted these collections with craving upsurge. We keep it simple to serve your best purpose:-

  1. Short night dresses – While throughout the day you are size to size fastened with graceful attire night demands some cosy and comfy factor.  Hence get hold of an exclusive short night dress for girls from Zivame. Replacing the old t-shirt and trouser days sleep easily in short night dress that is easy to wear and gives you enough space to breathe.

Variant prints and fabric is available. Go for some lacy collection to pamper the nutty part of yourself. Or get a cotton set as this fabric is uncompromising on the comfort factor. Get noodle sleeves or sleeveless or short sleeves as per your comfort suits.

Floral prints, solid colour, ball print, animal prints and lot more are IN STOCK. You may also tug in it with some other trendy attire and go for a day out or party.

2. Dressing Gown – For making your impression on a special night you can speak out your desires with this special dressing gowns. Apart from relaxing factor, it makes you feel like the most celebrated in luxury and fashion. Dressing gown comes in light and expensive fabric that add on to your mood. It is an unleashed secret of your desirous mood.

3. Babydoll Nightdress– The same signifies the trait hence if you are in the mood of mischief and be the Queen of fairy tale do not delay! Get a trending piece from this distinctive segment. Interesting hue palate and revelling design make this outfit relaxing and reviving in lacy lush.

Other daunting factors

This is the only one-stop destination for nightwear that takes up Best Price & Best Quality challenge. It is said that night is the time when your body undergoes metabolism, recovery and immunizing process as you are at rest and sleep better at night. So to ensure your best health Zivame goes miles fetching out the best ensemble for you. Not just that, simultaneously they always try to fit your budget pocket with 100% satisfaction. You can get all sizes and variations only on this site.

Have a Good Dream in the best Night Dress!      

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27 thoughts on “Night Dresses For A Special Impression With Comfort & Oomph FACTOR

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Comfortable night dress is a must for all ages. And if you can have some oomph factor along with it, what more can one ask for.

    Thanks for this post. Have a good day.

  2. Zivame has a wonderful collection of night wear dress..I got an animal print night dress a few days back and its very comfortable..

  3. Zivame has a wonderful collection of night wear ..I got an animal print night dress a few days back and its very comfortable.

  4. So many options and variations available in night dress. The collection looks chic and trendy. Indeed zivame is one stop destination for buying the right night dress

  5. I am a huge fan if Zivame collection of night wear . the comfy pajama look is totally me. However I like the oompy vibe they have got.

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