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ZEE5’s Onek Diner Pore Is the Purview of Dare & Truth Of Life & Liveliness

The storyline of the movie revolves around the ugliness of truth and dare of living a life full of deception. It is not just a story of 4 friends it is rather a story of almost all girls turned to a woman overcoming the peril that life and society offers. The lens focuses on cinch of childhood where it was easy to share difficulties in trust of friendship to keep life easy rather than hiding pains in the core of heart to perform in front of the world stage. To reveal such dare facets of life, watch Onek Diner Pore Now on ZEE5 and take a look back on your school days.

Facets of WOMEN under modernization and rat race

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After 18 years, 4 school friends reunite and come face-to-face with the truths of life. They had been brought up with the same education and exposure but they ended up selecting different lifestyles and career prospects. Years later, the definition of love, life and happiness are totally different for each one of them. Distinctively, director Debarati Gupta has represented four different categories of women in society who looks like different facets of the definition of Life under pressure of circumstances and challenges of the rat race. But at the crux is A WOMAN who hides or flaunts yet aspires a home, love, and happiness.


Swagata (Swastika Mukherjee), Debolina (Sudiptaa Chakraborty), Sayantani (Rupanjana Mitra) & Kuhu (Palomi Ghosh) are 4 out of 150 girls gang of the ‘99 batch in a convent school who decide to reunite. Swagata’s husband portends that girls are not good in “Adda” so the reunion party will fail. Which actually comes as truth, perhaps signified by the director as a typical character of women which remains unchanged throughout generations. But the storyline also held a brutal threat to us that basic motherhood rooted in every woman has changed its definition with the passage of time and life. Kuhua is a single mother, Debolina doesn’t choose to be a mother, Sayantani mothering her passion of beauty model as a child and Swagata aspires to be a definition of perfect “Grihini” who have gladly given up her brilliant career.

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All four girls had a career goal where someone overlooked failure and yet tried to move on whereas others have given up in dismay of balancing life and career. All these uneven uncertainties of Truth and Dare is represented by the sinuous glass bottle which is transparent but translucent too on the table of the reunion party. Truth is always ugly but then why do we pretend always?

Attire vs Modernity

The Bengali feminine or griholaxmi look of Swagata with Sakha and Sindur challenged the so-called smart corporate trendy attire and mentality of women of the genre. But in the end, she herself states that “every person is a mental patient over here” which includes her insanity as well. The cool corporate attire and its distinctive boldness, the brand-driven madness of showcasing life amidst the change of life experience with changing life partners and the damn to male dominance are beautifully portrayed by the cast. Ultimately the movie endeavours to showcase the bottom line that a woman is strong enough to withheld anything and everything and yet hold a smile of fulfilment to the gracious world and society.

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Last but least, social media is being given huge empowerment to connect old memories, truth & dare, right and wrongs and the playground of childhood which once use to abode and nurture young transparent truth. If Swagata would not have planned a reunion by connecting old school friends over social media we must have lost the opportunity to look back to our past, though Onek Diner Pore.

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  1. This looks great one to watch must be fun and emotional as 4 friends meeting after so long means some fun

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