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Kolkata And The Love Story

Kolkata is THE CITY OF JOY…. needless to say. What is your definition of Joy? We have just celebrated the ‘Week of Love & Joy’. Both are an inexpressible and unlimited feeling of pleasure. Maybe something that does not have any delineated rules or definition to follow but itself is an overwhelming grandeur.

Being born in North Kolkata, childhood days memories have the joy of riding Tram and going to school with Mom. The red ribbon tie across two braids on hair. Pleading Mom to have Puchka while back from school. Being at Zoo on Sunday or playing in a park. Buying bangles from Hatibagan. Locating the direction of puzzle at 5 point crossing of Shyambazar by marking the different sides of Netaji riding on a horse as a statue of Pride on the juncture of 5 point head.

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Gradually grown up to higher school and college days which introduced to the College Street roadside Bookstores in a straight trench across the footpath. A hallucinating smell or you may say Aroma of books mingled with pressure of academic syllabus is still fresh in mind. Checking almost all bookstores across the way to get the best price. The Hatibagan roadside accessories shop had given us good training on bargaining which is still now much helpful!

The First Love

The memory of First Love, First Date, First Fight and the experience of pain of love is somehow brimmed and mingled with the nostalgia and essence of Kolkata, THE CITY OF JOY. Narrow little lanes of Baghbazar in between century’s old building, muddy stretch of Gangarghat, Dakhineswar Kalimandir had been the sole witness of each romantic moments of our love story, each moment of sharing the oath of care, love and understanding.

The special mention goes to the hand-pulled rickshaw who use to ease our dedicated tired legs standing for hours towards the legendary nostalgic Coffee House. Coffee House………I believe no biggest Coffee Cafeteria can ever make such “Pyaalee of Love”. Being with friend’s gang for hours after hours at Coffee House was an ever fulfilling experience. The most beautiful, magnificence and overwhelming chapters of Life are yet fresh in memory.

Post 21 challenges in settling life at heart of the CITY KOLKATA

Gradually after getting a Yes knod from Mom about our relationship we stopped this hide and seek rendezvous. While applying in different corporate houses, taking professional training Nandan and Victoria had been our pastime meeting hub.

Gradually the secret meeting pleasure time got chased by job target, work pressure, 9 hours extended work schedule. But still, Kolkata had a common platform for us. The local train, it not only ensures the fastest journey but also meet us on the common way to the office. The roadside hotels of Office Para, the big trenching fans, the typewriter machine also adds to the essence of LOVE.

Turning to WIFE from LOVE

Now I am a Mother of 3 year’s old child – Responsibility, Care

Our marriage ages – 6 years – Responsible companion.

Daughter of Parents aged above 50s – Care and support

Daughter in law….Sister in law……Digital Marketing Manager……….Blogger……….so on on on

Among all these responsibilities in the early 30’s I am enjoying life. But the nostalgia of narrow lanes of LOVE is what I WANT TO GIFT MY HUBBY ON THIS VALENTINE DAY!

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18 thoughts on “Kolkata And The Love Story

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Beautifully expressed. Kolkata is one of the most beautiful place to live with its old city charm and as well as new plush apartments coming up everywhere. People in Kolkata are warm and affectionate. We love our art and culture.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. have a good day.

  2. What a beautiful read, felt like I visited Kolkata through your writing, I agree there isn’t a better a gift than waht you thought of. Lovely read.

  3. Kolkata is a heritage , warm and loving city. I have been there and always feel joy around the streets and markets. Adding your pictures with narration was beautiful ode to the beloved city

  4. I have a lot of friends who are Bengali though I got chances to know the Bengali culture and essence through them. That is also I can feel through your blog. I love the saree and the look.

  5. Wow that such a wonderful post I have never been to Kolkata but I would love to visit it soon and your post is make me plan soon my next trip to Kolkata

  6. Always wanted to visit Kolkata for its old charm and the classic Tramps that still rules the road.Through your lovely post and beautiful pics I’m now much more eager to visit the city soon.Thanks

    (Snehalata Jain)

  7. I would like to visit Kolkata some day if time allows. With your blog i am even more inclined towards it.

  8. So well written girl …i have only been to Kolkata airport in transit but always fascinated by the rich culture and heritage.

  9. Kolkata is indeed a place to fall in love with, it is my hometown. I really miss it, feels so good whenever I visit.

  10. You look gorgeous in the red Saree and Kolkata college street was where we roamed too! Loved reading this

  11. My brother used to in the city but I still never got chance to visit but now it seems I missed to visit so much …food is my weekness and it’s famous for that too

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