How to keep your vagina clean and smelling Good

What is vaginal hygiene? In India, this is the less discussed topic among women. Ironically this is regarded as taboo. I have realized that this is the topic that must be brought into the light and discussed. Like other parts of your body, I believe that keeping the vagina clean is also an important thing to do and this should not be skipped. You should not ignore it rather you must take out time for it. It helps to stay away from urinal infection which is rapidly becoming common among women. There is intimate wash available in the market which in my opinion are the best thing to use to keep your vagina clean and perfumed. Like other parts of your body it also needs pampering and attention. With the help of these washes, you can keep your vagina clean from time to time and scented which will help in enhancing your romantic life.  

I have used Everteen vaginal wash which is very effective and useful. The product performs exactly what it promises. To get the benefit of the product you need to use it yourself. Here I will be discussing the content of the product. This is the best wash for intimate purposes available in the market. The striking feature of this product is that it contains 100% natural active ingredients making it mild and suitable for all skin types. This wash does not contain any harmful materials such as SLS and SLES which can affect your skin down there. This wash helps you to prevent from developing any vagina infection which is very essential. Apart from that, it contains aloe Vera which helps in promoting cell regeneration with moisturizing effects. This can be used on a daily basis which will help to get rid of unpleasant odour, irritation, and itching. Apart from that, the wash is travel-friendly and you can take it anywhere you travel.

The application of this vaginal wash is easy and you can use it during the bath time or at outside also. For application wash your hands and wet the external region of your vagina. Pour a generous amount of the wash onto your palm and then apply it. After that rinse thoroughly. You can use this wash twice a day and can pamper yourself with it. Everteen vaginal wash can be used by anyone, there is no restriction regarding its usage but one thing you should keep in mind is that it is not used for internal purposes. Please carefully read the instruction that is provided backside of the bottle before using it.

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