How are Menstrual Cups a perfect savior for your periods? Sirona Menstrual Cup Review

I still can remember my first period days! I didn’t go out; skipped my classes.  I was scared and it was difficult for me to manage heavy flow. Still, I feel the same difficulty during the first 2 days because of this heavy flow. There was a time when I used to manage my period days with sanitary pads but heavy flow caused serious strain issue. I tried different types of sanitary pads but unfortunately nothing worked. Then my friend asked me to use Menstrual Cup during period days. And yes, it is changed my life completely. My life is more beautiful and more carefree now.

Honestly I was a bit skeptical before using and was thinking, how could a small cup manage my heavy flow! But trust me now life is easy and simple. I don’t even feel uncomfortable during my period days. And yes my heavy flow is also manageable now. So girls forget those napkin days and start using menstrual cup!

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Now few things you have to remember before using a menstrual cup

  1. How to select the size : You have to measure where your cervix is during period days. Insert clean finger to locate it. If you couldn’t find your cervix then its good. You have high cervix and you can use any length of the menstrual cup. Do not select the cup based on the capacity because cervix length factor helps you to get a right fit. If you have heavy flow then also you need atleast 10 hours to fill this menstrual cup.
  2. Clean it properly after every use: I would suggest you to buy a cup cleaner from market. Because after use, proper cleaning is very important. If you do not have a cleanser then wash it with warm water.
  3. Insert it during your period days only: Do not try to insert the menstrual cup during normal days. Insert it during your period days only.
  4. You can use the cup for 12 hours at a stretch without any health issue. But I would suggest to use this for 9 or 10 hours.
  5. First time users may feel uncomfortable but if you start using this you will never go back to sanitary pad days.
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Why menstrual cup is a better alternative?

  1. It is environment friendly – Unlike sanitary pads and tampons, it does less damage to the environment.
  2. There will be no risk of toxic shock syndrome – People using pads or tampons generally develop this symptom.
  3. You can use one cup for more than ten years – Those who have heavy flows use approximately 10 to 15 pads where as a single menstrual cup you can use upto 10 years.

My Choice for Menstrual Cup: Sirona Menstrual Cup

I have read many reviews, asked many of my friends and did some market research also before selecting my menstrual cup brand. It is important to buy a good quality menstrual cup otherwise you know bad things can also happen.

Why Sirona Menstrual Cup is the perfect choice for you?

The first thing that I must say is the flexibility! It is awesome. You don’t even feel that its your heavy flow days. So you can swim, travel, do workouts, jumping whatever you want to do. Life is just amazing with this Sirona Menstrual Cup.

It is leakage free, there is no bad odor and allergy free. I must say it is the best menstrual cup. This silicon based menstrual cup can give you 8 to 10 hours of leakage protection. First time users(teenagers) can go for small size. Age within 35 years can select medium and after 35 you should go for large size.

A study says that a woman uses approximately ~11,000 pads during her lifetime which create toxic wastes. A single menstrual cup you can use for long 10 years. So definitely eco friendly.

So what you are waiting for? Start using Sirona Menstrual Cup and enjoy your period.

Happy Period Gals…

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