Don’t Miss Zinc Supplement Consumption, Here’s why?

Our body naturally has the ability to produce zinc, deficiency of which must be obtained through zinc supplements or through dietary consumption. 

Why Zinc supplement is necessary?

  • A trace element for healthy immune system, after iron.
  • Lack of Zinc makes one susceptible to various diseases.
  • It’s necessary to stimulate the activity of at least 100 different enzymes.
  • Mineral helps in DNA synthesis, skin health and protein production.
  • Helps in cell growth and division.
  • Essential for your senses of taste and smell.

Who doesn’t want a healthy hair, skin and nails?

Since zinc is an antioxidant helping in cell & tissue repair and growth, thereby triggering synthesis. Ever wondered why people are blessed with porcelain skin or perfect split-end free, shiny hair? 

Some assume it as genetics whereas few assume it as definite pay check spent at the salon for such glam results. It’s indeed because of the specific vitamins and minerals these are present paramount in our body.

As Zinc is an effective mineral helping in healing of wounds and in curing lesions in the skin like acne, dermatitis. Including vegans like mushrooms, spinach and beans will help boost zinc not only in your body but help improve other conditions like prevent lifeless locks and hair loss. Including meat, fish and nuts would also improve zinc, thereby helping in cell synthesis.

Those with itchy scalp and seborrhoea on scalp can use zinc rich shampoo to burn away the flared up scalp area. It helps in shedding of dead cells in scalp and provides a cleaner scalp.

Not only this, if you’re someone having onychoschizia (brittle broken nails) due to zinc deficiency, which is most prevalent in women, who face rampant iron deficiency.

I started using supplements too, here’s what I used:

Few years back, even I’ve been facing similar problems on my skin, hair and nails. I felt like losing my immunity for which I was on Iron tablets alone but that didn’t do any good to improve my overall health condition.

This is when someone referred to me Satthwa Biotin supplements. Also known as Vitamin H or B7 is a water soluble vitamin helping body metabolise fats carbohydrates and protein. 

  • Ingredients

The supplement has the following ingredients: Vitamin B7, Silicon Dioxide, Gluten Free, Zinc, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Vegetable Capsules.

  • USP
  • Provides relief from alopecia, heart problems.
  • Aids in the synthesis of vital components.
  • Helps in proper maintenance of blood sugar levels
  • Boost the digestive system
  • Dosage

One capsule per day with a meal is suggested. In case you miss one or two days, you need not fret and you’ll not become low on biotin that way.

  • Price 

The supplement packaging comes with 90 capsules and 180 capsules for  Rs 859 and Rs. 1,599 respectively.

Overall Experience

It’s been six months I’ve been on this supplement. Now my skin has become glower and tresses have become shinier. I would definitely recommend and have recommended to many of my friends and neighbours.

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