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Diaper Rashes: Your Wipe’s Fabric Is The Cause

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I think all you have faced a common problem for your baby i.e. diaper rash. Personally, I don’t like diaper concept and I have used cotton cloths for the first three months instead of a diaper. After 3 months I have used diaper during night time only. I am working so I think you can understand what my pain was!!

Now the question is why such rashes occur?

Diaper Rash
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It is caused by a fungus called Candida. This yeast fungus grows best in moist places, such as wet diaper. It causes rashes on baby’s skin. Frequent bowel movement, skin sensitivity can cause diaper rash as well.

How can we treat diaper rash at home?

Need to wash the baby’s bottom with lukewarm water after each diaper change. Make it a habit.

When you are putting on a new diaper, check properly that the baby’s skin is dry

You can see in TV ads, that a baby loves to wear a diaper and can get a deep sleep. But the reality is different. So give them diaper free time as much as possible. Babies don’t want to wear a diaper.

Change your baby’s diaper frequently. Use a diaper cream after each change.

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Another reason for the rash is baby wipes! We use such wipes to clean the baby after pee and poop. But do you know such wipes have chemical properties which can cause itching and rashes too? Continuous use can be dangerous for your baby’s skin. Doctors are also warning the parents to never use baby wipes. Baby wipes contain a chemical known as ‘methylisothiazolinone’ which may cause itchy red rashes.

Baby Wipes online

Use water-based baby wipes always.

When I was searching for water-based baby wipes, I have come across with Mother Sparsh Water Wipes!

Why is this wipe better than other baby wipes?

  • 98% Water Wipes

This wipe has 98% water and natural plant fabric. It is 100% natural wipes and good for baby’s skin.

  • Environmental Friendly / Biodegradable Wipes

It is a biodegradable wipe.

Clinically proven for preventing Rashes

It is dermatologically tested and can prevent allergy, redness & rashes.

organic baby wipes online

  • Alcohol & Parabens Free

There are no harmful ingredients and the wipes are ‘methylisothiazolinone’ free. No plastic, no parabens, and no rashes.

  • Trustworthy

It is awarded by IBB as a promising baby care brand.

In the case of baby wipes, it is safe to do a flame test before trusting a new brand.

Here I did a flame test to check Mothersparsh baby wipe contains polyester or not:

What do you need?

  1. baby wipes
  2. Matchbox
  3. Candle



  1. Light a candle
  2. Take a baby wipe, let it be dry for some time
  3. Hold one corner of the wipe near the flame.

Factors I have checked:



If the wipe smells bad like plastic after burning, then it proves that the wipe has a high percentage of polyester in it.

If the wipe fabric is burning without any smell then it has no plastic properties. It is made up of 100% natural fabric

My result: There was no bad smell like plastic.

The condition of the Fabric after burning:

If hard black lump occurs on the fabric then it has plastic properties.

If you notice ash like substances then the fabric is made up of water, natural plant and cotton.

My result: In my case, the fabric turns into ash.

As a mother, we should always check the product before applying it on the baby’s skin. Diaper to baby wipes all should be 100% organic and polyester free.

A Healthy and Happy baby can only make a mother Happy

For me motherhood is not only a journey it is a step by step process of learning. Every day I am gaining knowledge and my blog is the best place to share everything and anything.

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48 thoughts on “Diaper Rashes: Your Wipe’s Fabric Is The Cause

  1. Its really good to know about the prevention of diaper rashes. These wipes are such a saviour for moms

  2. I see how synthetic fibre of wipes can cause rashes on kids skin. I do Not use wipes on my son’s skin but I keep a wipes pack for emergency. I will make sure to buy this one next.

  3. You are right continuous use of diapers is not a great option but sometimes ciscumcircums, living conditions doesn’t as allow you to give the baby diaper free time for long hours. Changing diapers immediately after it gets full is the answer.
    I liked the candle test.

  4. This diapers seems very nice one and your review gonna help to every mom for sure

  5. Hi Sayeri,

    Excellent post with in-depth information about diapers. Diapers have become such an integral part of a baby’s life today. It is paramount for us to read all the necessary product related articles before using the one we would like to use.

    Your post certainly does a great service to mommies around the world by giving these necessary information.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this wonderful post. You have given detailed information about diapers and how to identify them. I am sure it will help new mommies and keep their babies nice and safe.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good day. 🙂

  7. To all young mothers! Does your toddler has diaper rash? The fabric of your wipe is the culprit. Bring the smile back on the toddler’s face use Mother’s 98% water wipes.

  8. I have used mothersparsh too and they are simply great water based wipes…. and your detailed review helps a lot of moms

  9. I didn’t know about this candle test. I have read carefully and will try soon on my wet wipes also and other products to check plastic involvement.

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  11. MAATÉ Baby Face Butter is specially formulated for your baby’s gentle facial skin, ensuring protection against oxidative damage. As a mother I always pay more attention to the baby’s facial skin to protect it from allergens, microbes, and UV rays. When it comes to our children this is a bigger concern because their skin is more sensitive & delicate. Rich with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, this baby face butter keeps your baby’s skin healthy & radiant.

  12. I had been looking for baby products online for my child and that’s where I got to know about Maaté – a brand that solely caters to baby’s needs. The products are natural and chemical-free, making them safe for the baby’s tender skin and delicate hair.

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