5 Steps To Radiant You With No-Harm Skin Care Range

It’s that time of the year again. 

The chills of winter is fading away little by little, and especially during the night time – after you have just washed your face, before going to bed – there’s that annoying shrinking sensation in the skin. Dull, scaly texture, chapped lips…ugh! 

But we all know what to do to correct this, don’t we? Investing 15 minutes to night time skincare routine reduces signs of aging by countless years. All you need is to put self-care first and select the right kind of products for your skin. 

This is why I swear by the No-Harm skincare range of Lashika. They are not only filled with pure and natural ingredients that improve the overall health of your skin with regular use, the Canada born brand also follows No Heavy Metal policy in the making of these products. 

Here are my most favourite items from their range of skincare products, ideal for your daily 5 steps skincare regime:

Apple Cider Face Wash

From helping to reduce belly fat to multiple uses to fix skin and hair related issues – apple cider vinegar is the most popular open secret of recent times. Apart from being a great agent to fight signs of wrinkles – by tightening your skin texture and maintaining the pH level – it also helps protect your skin from harmful environmental factors. Even if you have sunburn or occasional an acne breakout, cleaning your face every night with Lashika’s Apple Cider Face Wash makes sure you taking the right first step towards protecting your skin. 

Almond and Walnut Scrub

One of the deadliest skin care mistakes we make is to ignore the importance of scrubbing our face once a week. Lashika’s Almond and Walnut Scrub is made with the natural micro granules that are perfect for those of you looking for a scrub that is not harsh on your skin. It also has shea butter and Vitamin E that work on hydrating and boosting the radiance of your skin. 

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Rose Toner

Made from pure rose extracts and rose water, Lashika’s Rose Toner is a classic solution to tighten your pores, improve skin texture and reduce inflammation. Softly pat your face dry after cleaning and scrubbing and spray the toner on your face and neck. Sit, relax and let the toner dries completely. 

Face Serum

Ladies, I can’t stress enough on the use of face serum! Especially for those of you with dry skin, Lashika’s Brighten Face Serum is an absolute must to include in your daily night care routine. It’s a lightweight, highly concentrated moisturizer that penetrates deeper into your skin, actively minimize size of your pores and increase moisture levels. The serum is loaded with 10 magical oils – Almond, Argan, Kumkumadi, Lavender, Jojoba, Geranium, Olive, Wheat Germ, Evening Primrose and Grape Seed – that helps you get that flawless, younger looking skin. 

Saffron and Vitamin E Moisturizer

Finally, use the last 3 minutes of your 15 minutes night time skin care regime to gently massage Lashika’s Saffron and Vitamin E Moisturizer onto your face and neck to increase blood circulation. It’s made with turmeric oil that protects your skin from acne breakouts, kumkumadi oil helps reduce hyper pigmentation and dark circles, and paeonia lactiflora flower extracts prevents skin aging and helps improve your skin tone by reducing melanin content. Besides, it also has Vitamin E to reduce sun damage, almond oil to reduce tan build up, shea butter to improve skin elasticity and aloe vera juice to soothe your skin overall. 

Now imagine you feeding your skin with the goodness of all these pure and natural ingredients every night by using a brand that is build on the principle of No-Harm – in all but 15 minutes! 

Swell, isn’t it?

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