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Save Fashion ‘Not’ Just for the ‘Runaway’

In a fashion industry filled with pomp and grandeur – it’s their uniqueness in ‘design’ that is worshipped, helping them stand out among the crowd. An industry always bubbling and moving with experimentation and innovation – ‘protecting their unique emblem’ or ‘trademark’ becomes indispensable.

But Why?

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Indeed it is essential to prevent your design from people who are trying to renovate your innovations or copy the same, thus proclaiming ‘their own’.

A design/trademark is something that is judiciously created by a team. After all, any creation or innovation is a team effort. If the designers want NO COPY of their designs, it’s better to make a trademark registration online.

What Is A Trademark Act?

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Trademarks act is essential for registration of service marks, filing of multi-class applications and intellectual property especially designs and your own personal creation from getting commercially exploited.

Just like music industry, even fashion industry can benefit by imitating other’s designs for money and recognition. Hence, protection under design law for fashion industry seems to be the most fitting one.

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  • One of the positives of protecting your design under this trademark act is to exclusively restrict others to restrict from using your registered design and sue for damages with penalty, when they infringe your rights.
  • Benefit of designers registering under this act is to retain ones brand identity.
  • To prevent loyal purchasers of original brand from getting deceived
  • Preventing an ‘original’ design which was once ruling in the industry from getting outdated.

How to Apply For Trademark Registration Online 

To apply for trademark registration online, it’s essential for 

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  • A design to be original and must not have been disclosed to the public.
  • A Registered proprietor gets copyright in the design and may fall under 
  1. Articles of clothing and Haberdashery
  2. Travel goods, cases, parasols and personal belongings
  3. Textile piece goods, artificial and natural sheet material
  4. Clocks and watches and other measuring instruments checking signalling instruments (watches and wristwatches etc.)

Stop Giving ‘Leeway’ To Other Designers…

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Unauthorised and illegal production or distribution of original design is against the design law and IP act. This is broadly categorised into two parts

  1. Knock offs
  2. Counterfeits

Knock-offs are those products which are replications of the original one with different brand names. Counterfeits are products which are an exact replica of the original and also retain the same brand name.

Preserving your designs by applying for trademark registration can save you and other loyal purchasers from many consequences. The judiciary process is to help upgrade the fashion industry in the creation and experimentation of designs.

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It’s such an industry where there is a constant flow of designs and creativity. Hence, to nurture this, designers have to be vigilant and protective about their creations by registering under the trademark act. 

This way, it motivates designers to make new creations thereby giving them the assurance that their work cannot be copied or imitated. 

If done, the concerned person would be sued a charge of 25,000/-

Knowing how to protect your Intellectual property, its time you act up before it’s too late!

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Great post, it is very informative and helpful. I must admit i didn’t know much about the legal aspect of Trademarks.

    thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. Geetika says:

    I am overwhelmed with the content as being a CS I can easily enjoy the same reading this 👍🏻Informative 😊

  3. In this intense and competitive market and a vast unorganized sector, registration of trademarks, brand, taglines, logo, labels of the products or services is a must and more so in fashion industry. That’s an informative and interesting post, Sayeri! Thanks for sharing some new insights!

  4. alpanadeo says:

    Fashion industry is a fast moving industry. Trademark registration will definitely give designers a piece of kind that they can bring out their best in every style without being scared of getting copied.

  5. Great post, it is very informative and helpful. Fashion industry is a fast moving industry. Definitely give designers a piece of kind that they can bring out their best in every style.

  6. A very informative post indeed Sayeri and so vital for today’s times. I admit I enriched myself reading this

  7. momtasticworld says:

    This is very informative post to protect the work in the fashion industry. You have explained it pretty well in the post. Thank you for sharing this, I will share it with my friends too.

  8. I am honestly unaware of facts about fashion industry, very informative post

  9. In fashion industry I have personally seen copying of designs is so easy. You have 10 different versions of the original design in a short span. Getting a trademark is a good idea. Infact the other day I saw a design by BIBA which had a tag saying design is patented.

  10. mumflix says:

    I agree with this post, it’s important to protect your designs, thoughts and ideas from others trying to copy or use them. Nowadays there are so many upcoming designers so one needs to take corrective measures.

  11. A friend of mine is starting a businness in the fashion industry soon! I must pass on this information to her! 🙂

  12. Trademark registration is essential in an industry such as fashion industry. trademark will surely be benefial with the ever changing designs and competition

  13. Trademarks are essential not just in the fashion industry but elsewhere too. Highlighting the legal aspects of it will be helpful for many. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This post is so well written and explained.. perfect for budding designers who want their career in this industry…thanks for sharing

  15. Very informative post-Sayeri. I didn’t have any clue about Trademark registration online and it’s legal aspects.

  16. Trademarks are important. Period. Making the legal aspects and registration a must for people in all industry

  17. It is so important to legally follow rules of the game to ensure the protection of brand and designs

  18. It is very important to follow legal procedures not only for clothing but also for any trade we are in. This is a crucial aspect of any business which can’t be ignored at all.

  19. When I was in school and we were choosing careers I remember many of my friends were to chose fashion designing. I am sure they have deflected but tht urge for fashion designing remains. And I think this post will help them a lot

  20. I design apparels on various websites. Recently in a dispute with one of the websites. I realised that my designs are not trademarked and they can be used after exit that platform. Now this post helps me in that case.

  21. It is necessary to get designs registered under trademark because many people tend to copy them and claim to be their own.

  22. Trademark is the best way to secure any brand and its work as there is no other way of securing any type of creative work. And patents are expensive and time consuming activity. Any work involving creativity not tangible per se, and gullible to plagiarism. That’s a great piece of information you have shared,

  23. Trademark registrations are necessary in the creative world, thanks for the detailed post on it.

  24. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    In any creative industry, protecting of IPR is so important. Be it fashion or writing. You have thrown light on some very important aspects of this.

  25. Oh yes with so much plagiarism , it’s very very important to have trademark registrations , so good to see you highlight it in such a brilliant manner

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    Unauthorised and illegal copying and production of designs is a big issue today! I am sure trademark registration will be a great help for all the designers!

  27. This is so informative and helpful post
    I didn’t know that you can protect your designs too, this is definitely going to be helpful for up and coming designers

  28. Yes, very often we dont know the legal aspects. you have written a brilliant post with these must to do things.

    Utpal Khot

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