Why ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ – A Must Watch For you?

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It is a proven fact that tv soaps are replaced by web series now a days. Web series have gained popularity because of it’s heavy content. People can watch these shows at their convenience. Infact, today’s generations are more addicted to web series than daily television soaps.

My mobile has a dedicated folder for such apps and honestly Zee5 is the most watched one there. Zee5 is the ideal platform for Indian audience and has got immense popularity for it’s finest content. Thriller, drama, love story – it is a power packed package of entertainment. Zee5 is better than other streaming apps because of its exclusive script, finest actors and crisp content.

Let me tell you one story today! I was in the seventh standard and Mohabbatein was a big hit at that time. Being an SRK fan, I watched the movie so many times but another guy who stole my heart was Jimmy Sheirgill.

So when I saw the ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ trailer on Zee5, I was counting the days. I gulped all the 9 episodes and Amarpal Singh aka Jimmy Sheirgill has won my heart again!

A Story that will make you cry….

It is based on a true story. A biopic of a gangster, Anandpal Singh. Rajasthan is famous for food, tradition and culture but at the same time, this is a crime-infested state. In ‘Rangbaaz Phirse‘ one can witness the fight between Rajputs and Jaats, political rivalries and most importantly transformation of a UPSC aspirant to a notorious criminal.

Sounds interesting right? But I am not going to share the story with you! 🙂 Download the ZEE5 app today and watch ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ there. It is full of drama, crime and emotion so a must-watch for all.

Big Clap for The Director – Sachin Pathak:

The lead character Amarpal Singh is played by Jimmy Sheirgill. From an innocent college boy to a notorious gang star – he has done an outstanding job. You could feel his pain, the agony and sometimes the helplessness.

Source: An OTT Platform Zee5.com  

Jayram Godara – Amarpal’s best friend, played by Sushant Singh is another pillar of the story. He is a very talented actor and Jayram Godara will be remembered for sure.

I must appreciate the casting of cunning IPS Sanjay Singh Meena played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. He tried everything to make Amarpal a criminal. So yes, he is the catalyst of this story. In this character we could also observe the transformation from a simple innocent boy to shrewd IPS.

The story takes a U-turn with the appearance of Anupriya Chaudhary aka Gul Panag who was a stockbroker and started working for Amarpal Singh. Gul Panag is one of my favorites so watching her was a brownie moment for me. J

Raja Phogat is the opponent of Amarpal Singh and his brutality will make you more empathetic for Amarpal.  Sharad Kelkar has portrayed the pessimism of the character effortlessly.

Why it’s a must-watch for you!

This is the real world where you can witness the communal gang war, the political dilemma and conspiracy of powerful people.

‘Rangbaaz Phirse‘ is based on a very interesting plot and the story is engaging from the very beginning. You will get the full excitement of watching a thriller crime series.

I was remembering that line.. ‘Sabki Samadhi yehi banegi’ in fact there are so many like this. Dialogues are great here and it makes every character lively & acceptable.

Jimmy Sheirgill and Sushant Singh both have delivered stellar performance here.

In Rangbaaz Phirse one can smell the essence of Rajasthan so well. Plot, story and dialogue – things are so apt and well created here.

So overall, Rangbaaz Phirse is a must-watch for all and director Sachin Pathak has done a great job. It is a full piece of entertainment and a marathon-watch to finish all episodes in one go.

I generally don’t miss any of the Zee5 content, click here to read my reviews on Zee5 web series.


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