Tips to Select The Best Wedding Planner in Goa

Hiring a wedding planner to help you get through the big day without stress is no longer restricted NRI marriages and big budget Bollywood movies. With the trend of destination wedding on rise in India, more and more couples here are hiring wedding planners to make their special day flawless. If truth be told, juggling between a full-time job or business and social life and wedding planning is a humongous task. This is the reason why hiring a wedding planner saves the day. Especially when you want to get hitched in a coveted location like Goa, it’s quite impossible to plan a wedding without local planning help. 

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But finding one of the best Goa based wedding planners is no easy task. Here are a few tips that will help you finalize THE one for you. 

  1. Experience and trust – The wedding planner should be compatible with your personality and style, but also have enough experience to execute the wedding you want. You should try to have as many face to face meetings as possible in the initial days to understand each other. Ask yourself – are you comfortable enough to voice your opinion? Is the wedding planner seasoned enough to offer expert guidance when needed? 
  2. Work portfolio – Look for reviews and portfolios online and ask for references. Ensure if their style of wedding matches yours. Ask what vendors they work with. When you shortlist the best wedding planner in Goa, they will be able to show you a list of the vendors. 
  3. Understand their services – A wedding planner is largely about the logistics. They help you find the best vendor deals, help you with venue selections, contract negotiations etc. At the same time, see if they offer additional services as well. For example, a planner that provides you best priced logistics along with wedding styling and consultancy services is always a better choice. 
  4. Prompt communication – Like in every other aspect of life, communication is the key in planning a destination wedding. Take a note of their response time to your calls or messages. If the planner is too busy to get back to you, maybe you should look into the works of other Goa based wedding planners. When you trust them to be in charge of helping you plan the biggest day of your life, it’s their foremost job to keep you up to date with the preparations. 
  5. Money matters – To save yourself from any surprises in future, talk about money with the planner early on. Before the first meeting, decide what kind of wedding you want and whether you want the planner for specific tasks, to manage the big day or need full planning support from the beginning. Depending on your needs, their charges will vary. 

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Any reputed wedding planner from Goa – Art Goa, for example – can work with any budget and help you bring your dream come alive. But if most of the things that you need are out of budget in your planner’s portfolio, then you need to rethink your choice. Hence it’s very crucial to talk openly about finances and ask to see if they have similar weddings in your budget to make sure there is no disappointment waiting down the road. 

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