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Looking for a thriller series? Watch “Mafia” on ZEE5

It has a gripping plot and will keep you hooked on your screen!

If you are a fan of web series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then ZEE5 has a treat waiting for you with their latest psychological thriller ‘Mafia’. Don’t think this is a show about the mafia world though. Produced by Parambrata Chatterjee and Eskay Movies, and directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the show is based on the hugely popular social deduction board game called Mafia. It’s a murder mystery drama, perfectly woven with the essence of psychological thriller.

Like all ZEE5 web series, ‘Mafia’ is thoroughly entertaining right from the first episode, topped with a nail-biting thrill. Created by Rohan Ghose and Aritra Sen with DOP Gairik Sarkar, this 8 episodes long thriller web series is perfect to binge watch on a Saturday night.

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The show is about a group of six friends from college, who are coming together after a gap of five years, to celebrate a bachelor party. But little did they know that the reunion will turn into a game of whodunit as the events unfold and the dark secrets from their past are unravelled to haunt them. The real question is – will they be able to find out the real ‘mafia’ before they are all perished?

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The protagonists of the show are Namit Das as Nitin, Tanmay Dhanania as Rishi, Isha M Saha as Ananya, Anindita Bose as Neha, along with Ridhima Ghosh and Madhurima Roy. Perfectly in tune with the riveting nature of the plot, ‘Mafia’ is shot in the middle of the dense and eerily quiet forests in Madhupur, Jharkhand – once the favourite den of the group when they were in college. Along with the perfect tone of the cinematography to fit the narrative of spine chilling thriller series, the scenes shot in the wilderness in particular, add to its elements of horror and tension.

The show is Birsa Dasgupta’s debut to the OTT platform and with the very first few scenes of episode one you will agree he has done a fine job. He has brilliantly built up the narrative and its characters, without using cliché gimmicks to intrigue drama and suspense. On top of it, the perfect casting of ‘Mafia’ makes every lead role character amazingly relatable – so much so that as the story progresses you will feel the tension and pain of the characters, like you are a part of them. Moreover this thriller web series is not a simple murder mystery drama. There are many layers to the plot – which are woven together perfectly to unravel the complexity and vulnerability of human characters.

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Bookmark ‘Mafia’ now to add to your binge watch list for this weekend. It is primarily a web series in Hindi, but also been released in Bengali, Tamil and Telugu as well. I promise, it’s going to send a chill down your spine!

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One thought on “Looking for a thriller series? Watch “Mafia” on ZEE5

  1. Hello everyone!!

    Recently I watched the Mafia Web Series on ZEE5. It is a story of six college friends, Ritwik, Rishi, Sam, Tanya, Neha, and Ananya. They head to a jungle house in a sleepy village Madhupur for their reunion, the same location where they had bid farewell to each other after their college days six years ago. While Ritwik and Tanya are no longer together and have marched into newer relationships, Rishi is still the rich, arrogant brat that he was in the college. Sam’s loyalty towards Rishi continues long after college, probably owing to his mounting financial needs. It’s a good web series I hope you will like it.

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