Highest-grossing Films of All Time

There are many different ways for a film to make money. The most significant bump in profit usually comes during the release, and that’s what is historically being used as a primary indicator of movies’ success.

Later on, there are all sorts of videos and DVD sales, sold TV rights, and merchandise as various streams of income. Still, those are much harder to keep track of and, to be honest, far less exciting than watching a movie gain immense fame quickly or turn into a box office bomb and lose money. It’s like with those captivating video games; you are far more interested in the best porn games that made quite a boom, than in those less popular.

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Over many years, with movies being made continuously and with budgets increasing all the time, things were never calm on the top list. However, whether you’re well-versed or utterly uninterested in the world of cinematography, chances are you know the majority of the titles currently out there. At the moment, the reigning champion and the top-grossing movie is Avengers: Endgame. That should come as a no surprise, considering it was a spectacular ending of the longest-going chapter in the world of filmmaking. I’m saying chapter because, as you might already know, Marvel doesn’t have the intention of stopping with this golden goose, and plenty of new titles have already been announced years in advance. However, Avengers: Endgame, that came out in 2019. indeed was an ending to the “most expensive TV show ever created,” which started all the way back in 2008 when Robert Downey Jr. first pun on an Iron Man suit. Back then, comic book movies were never expected to get big. But the risk paid off and, a decade later, here we are.

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Another name you’re probably familiar with is James Cameron. He is a director behind the next two titles, both of which held the number one spot in their prime. Of course, the movies are Avatar and Titanic. While Titanic is already a classic, Avatar keeps being a subject of controversy. On the one hand, it was undeniably on top for a long time but, on the other, many argue the only reason it ended being so popular is because of innovative technology being used and not because it’s a good film. Add to that recent Scorsese’s line about how comic book movies aren’t cinema, and you’ll start to realize numbers aren’t everything. Nevertheless, people enjoy watching exciting movies, and they enjoy playing sex games so, who are we to say what is right and what isn’t.

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Apart from the most apparent, highest-grossing list, there are plenty of others. There’s the track being kept of highest-grossing movies according to the year they got released in, most successful series and franchises, and various other different records. But the important one to keep in mind is the list adjusted for inflation. According to that one, Gone with the Wind leads by far, followed by Avatar and then Titanic.

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