The Significance Of Right-Hand Rings

No matter you buy it for yourself or gift it to a special someone, a right-hand ring always carries a specific meaning. The beautiful gem laden baby bauble symbolises the birth of a baby. Another design of the right-hand ring symbolises friendship. They can also be passed down through generations as heirlooms. Sometimes, they signify your love and promises to your special someone. Nowadays, most women gift these rings to themselves to make their achievements.

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Meaning of Ring Design

Right-hand ring designs are available in a plethora of styles and designs. Each design has a different meaning. Understanding what each style symbolises is important for you to pick the right ring design for the occasion. Below given is a list of the most popular right-hand ring designs and the meaning they portray: 

  • Promise Rings
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Promise rings aren’t the same as wedding rings or engagement rings. The ring mostly symbolizes one’s commitment to a person or religion or personal commitment to a goal. 

  • Anniversary Rings
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Mostly worn in the right hand, anniversary rings are gifts that a husband and wife gift each other upon completion of a milestone. These rings symbolize their journey as a couple and celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Anniversary rings can even be gifted to non married couples to symbolize their first meet, first date, or any other important day of a person’s life. 

  • Mother’s Ring
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Mother’s rings mostly have the names of children or grandchildren engraved on them. It shows the love and affection which a mother has for her children. They are highly symbolic in meaning and are ideal to be gifted to your mom on mother’s day. You can also gift mother’s rings to her on her birthday. 

  • Journey Rings

Journey rings have become a popular piece of accessory in recent times. They are stylish and available in elegant designs. They mostly represent or symbolise one’s journey of relationship. Such rings are ideal to be gifted to your beloved, symbolising how far have you people been together. It can also symbolise other milestones achieved in life. 

  • Fashion Rings
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As the name suggests, these reflect one’s taste of fashion. It symbolises the wearer’s style and personal preferences. Found in a variety of trendy styles and designs, they are mostly embedded in metal or gemstones. 

  • Figural Rings
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Some right-hand rings represent specific shapes and figures. They symbolise various meanings mostly related to the past. These rings are found with animal figures, birthstones, Celtic knots, and initials embedded in them. Accordingly, they represent someone’s hobbies, career, etc. 

We have covered the various types of right-hand rings which signify special emotions and moments of a person’s life. It’s the wearer who’s going to decide which design fits in for the occasion. If you are unsure about what to buy, you can look for 2 grand gold earrings for ladies with price online. 

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