Unleash Your Creativity to Trump A Global Challenge with ‘Superhero U’ by GlobalShala & Earn Prizes Worth $90,000

Do you think like a superhero who wants to save the world? Do you feel drawn towards solving modern world challenges with an innovative approach by using superpowers and your extraordinary imagination? Are you a high school or college student who dreams big?

Then the unique ‘SuperHero U’ competition initiated by GlobalShala is your chance to fulfill these aspirations and open the door to many more opportunities. Through this one-of-a-kind contest, you can garner valuable knowledge of innovative thinking, problem-solving, and social entrepreneurship by designing your very own superhero with unique powers and abilities to bring about an impactful change.

Global Challenge with ‘Superhero U’ by GlobalShala
Source: Globalshala

‘Superhero U’ is inspired by the United Nation’s mission to ‘promote prosperity while protecting the planet’ and focuses on the global issues highlighted in its Sustainable Development Goals. This unique competition is open for participation under two categories – Junior (up to 18 years old) and Senior (from 18 to 25 years old). You can participate either as an individual or with a team of 4. You can be based anywhere in the world to partake in this challenge, and winners stand a chance to receive exciting prizes up to $90,000. This includes scholarships, global travel and internship opportunities, gift cards and electronic gadgets among others along with an opportunity to fly to UN New York.

Global Challenge with ‘Superhero U’ by GlobalShala
Source: Globalshala

Superhero U will take place in 3 stages – Rise of the Hero, Battle Begins and Ultimate Showdown. To participate you have think of a modern day problem, and then design your superhero to take on those challenges. You can represent your superhero through a comic strip, video, video game, photo collage or an animated movie and describe your mission. Finally, you design an action plan for your superhero who will solve these real-world problems whilst expressing social empathy.

What you will earn by winning this competition is not just grand prizes, but a huge resource pool comprising practical information, tools, internship opportunities and expert advice that you could use to build the career of your dreams. So without any further ado, visit today and register to become the next big socio-preneur! (registrations are open until 18th September, 2020).

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