Importance of Vitamin E – #EVION

We love ourselves and always do things that make us happy.

I have hectic schedule throughout the week but I keep my Sundays free to spend some Me – Time. It is always a self-pampering session. I take care of my hair & skin, my nails, body and everything.

I am married and I have 3 yrs. old son…trust me people can’t believe that. 😉

Now you may think why I am telling all these to you?

The reason is Vitamin E. It does magic on my skin and I had acne scars, dark circles but now I can feel the improvement and skin is far better now.

How I use Vitamin E in my daily life?

      1. Vitamin E for Skin:
vitamin E for skin
source: mostinside

Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It removes scars, acne spots, wrinkles & skin looks younger, healthier.

If you don’t have acne problem (you are the luckiest one) then you can use Vitamin E oil directly on your face. But I have acne issue so I don’t use it directly on skin.

Face Gel That I use daily:

Every day, after cleansing my skin, I use 2 – 3 drops of Vitamin E oil along with aloe Vera gel. It makes my skin hydrated and fresh.

Face Pack – Once in a Week:

I love to use face packs and try different brands also. What I do is, with my tan pack I use to add few drops of Vitamin E oil. Keep that on your face for 5 – 7 mints and wash your face with water. You can feel the difference.

Always clean your face before using any face pack and do not forget to cover your neck area.

      1. Vitamin E for Hair:
vitamin E for hair
source: thefitindian

It repairs the damage and stimulates the hair growth. I do oil massage once in a week.

How do I prepare the hair Massage Oil?

Boil fenugreek with coconut oil; add 2 – 3 drops of Vitamin E into it. Keep that in a bottle. Massage the oil on scalp, keep that for 30 – 45 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo & use conditioner always.

I skip this process during winter because I have dandruff problem and it makes my scalp oily. So don’t use any oil on my scalp during this period.

      1. Vitamin E for Nails:
Vitamin E for nails
source: varelanoticias

I have broken nails problem and dark spots on fingers also. So I massage vitamin E oil on my fingers and the result is amazing.

      1. Vitamin E for Children:
Vitamin E for baby
source: susiemey

We use vitamin E oil daily on my son’s skin and give him a full body massage. But do not use it directly on skin. Add few drops of it with your daily massage oil.

Must Mentions:
health benefits of Vit E
source: inminutes

Other Health Benefits of Vitamin E:

      1.            Reduce cramping, anxiety during menstrual cycle
      2.            Improve Vision
      3.            It combats Alzheimer’s disease too.

Vitamin E Deficiency – Symptoms:

EVIOn - best Vit E capsule
source: ytimg

Muscle soaring, dull skin, hair fall – the signs of Vitamin E deficiency. I use Evion – India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand (trusted by Doctors since 1978) and it helps me to live a healthy and balanced life. Evion Supplements are really giving good result.

Evion - best Vit E brand

P.N: Before taking any medicines, consult your doctor once. Here I have shared my views only.

Be Happy & Stay Stylish


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