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How Drinking Copper Infused Water Benefits Your Skin?

As per the Ayurveda, a habit of drinking water from a copper utensil helps in restoring your health. Much before the modern-day filters and RO systems were invented, how do you think people consumed clean water? One of the ways that people used was to store water in a copper vessel. As per the Ayurveda, ‘Tamara Jal’ or copper-infused water helped keep a balance in all the three doshas that the human body has. 

The ancient day experts said that any kind of disease or health ailments occur when there is an imbalance among the three doshas of the human body: Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Copper has the property to bring a balance in these three doshas that can restore the body’s functioning.

Apart from this reason, copper also has antibacterial properties. Hence, the copper-infused water also prevents any kind of bacterial growth in the body. This again helps in several ways for your skin. 

Here are some of the most common and visible benefits of drinking copper-infused water for your skin. 

Fixing Damaged Skin

Copper molecules and proteins combine together to result in copper peptides. Protein is an important element required for the fixing of the damaged cells in any part of the body. The copper peptides carry such beneficial proteins to different parts of the body. Thus, it helps in fixing up any kind of damages that has been done to the skin. As you keep consuming copper-infused water, it slowly starts working on your skin. It offers you the nourished and healthy-looking skin that you have always desired for. 

Prevent Faster Aging

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Copper is known to help the body in utilizing the powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase. This antioxidant helps the body prevent any kind of oxidative stress that can otherwise lead to faster aging. The antioxidant properties of copper do not just protect your skin from aging but also protect the key features of your beauty, such as eyes, hair, and the skin, from any kind of radical damages. It maintains the skin elasticity that makes you look younger and rejuvenated for a much longer time. 

Production of Collagen and Elastin

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Apart from protecting your key features from radical damages, copper is also efficient in helping the body to produce a proper amount of collagen and elastin. While collagen production helps enhance your skin’s elasticity, elastin helps keep the connective tissues of your skin always flexible. These properties keep your skin supple and glowing for a longer time. An unhealthy diet and a wrong living style can lead to skin aging even at a younger age. Taking certain steps such as consuming copper-infused water regularly can help keep your skin away from age-related defects. 

Antibacterial Properties

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Teenagers and even some youngsters and elders may suffer from prone acne and other skin damages quite often today. Though there can be several reasons for this, the growth and spread of bacteria due to impurities can be one of the major reasons for acne’s growth. Though you may try to end this bacterial effect by applying several topical remedies, copper helps cure this problem from within. Copper is known to have antibacterial properties. Thus, it not just cures any kind of bacteria-related problems inside your body but also bacteria-caused issues such as acne on your skin. 

Production of Melanin

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What do you think maintains the color of your hair, eyes, and even your skin complexion? The pigment melanin produced in your body is the main reason that helps maintain your skin complexion and the color of your eyes and hair. Copper helps accelerate the production of this pigment in your body so that you can have a healthy complexion to maintain your beauty. Also, face the struggles of having hair greying at a tender age. This can be again due to the lesser production of melanin in your body. Consumption of copper-infused water can also help maintain the natural color of your hair and your complexion. 

Prevention of Anemia

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One of the major symptoms of anemia is that your skin will turn pale. Anemia can be a serious issue, and some people can also be regular anemic. Such people suffer from the occurrence of pale skin quite often. Of course, the skin’s luster in such people is quite dull as the blood flushing on the face brings most of the glow and beauty. Copper is again very much beneficial here as it helps the body in preventing anemia. Also, copper helps the body maintain its nervous system in a healthy way through which the blood flows. Along with all these, it is also beneficial in maintaining your immune system in good health. 

Thus, there are so many benefits. The ancient day experts have always supported the good habit of consuming copper-infused water regularly. 

What is the right way to drink copper water?

One of the best ways that many of the Ayurvedic experts mention is to fill in a copper utensil or bottle with water and keep it overnight. The copper reacts with the water during this time, and you can drink the water the next morning. Some experts mention that drinking regular water in a glass of copper also may help in a great way. But the only point here is that you should get a utensil made up of at least 97% pure copper. 

But suppose you do not wish to enter into such hassles. In that case, you can also go for water purifiers that come with features that offer you copper-infused water. You can use these purifiers in the same way you use the general purifiers and gain the benefits of copper-infused water. 

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Who will not love to have healthy and glowing skin forever? If you have tried enough other remedies, try the simple remedy of consuming copper-infused water regularly to notice your skin health changes soon. 

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