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Tandava – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

Hello Peeps!! My letter for the Day is ‘T’ Tandava Nritya is the divine dance performed by Hindu God Shiva.This is a dance of anger, passion and intense energy and this vigorous dance is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.This cosmic dance form symbolizes five divine actions like Shristi, Sthati, Samhar, …

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Manipuri Dance – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

Manipuri Dance

Hello Peeps My letter for the Day is ‘M’ Today, we will talk about India’s one of the popular classical dance forms. The origin of this dance form is ‘Manipur’. Yes, I am talking about ‘Manipuri Dance’. Generally, the love inspired drama of ‘Radha & Krishna’ called Raslila is the main theme of this dance. …

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