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Expiry Date Review: A love thriller web series of unanticipated twist and turns

Continuing with our recommendations for exclusive ZEE5 web series to watch during the ongoing lockdown weekends, here we have another fresh and neat thriller show for you. The Expiry Date is a gripping love thriller that will keep you munching on bowls of popcorn at the edge on your seat until you binge watch all the 10 episodes.

On the surface #ExpiryDate is a love and deceit that turns into a cat and mouse game, but what intriguing about the show is that it skillfully combines two separate stories of infidelity issue, into a single plot.

What was that #BuriedSecrets?

Vishwa (Tony Luke) has everything a man could dream of. He is married to his longtime friend Disha (Sneha Ullal) and is the CEO of his father-in-law’s high profile Software and Construction Company in Mumbai. He is happy in his personal life, but the moment he learns about his wife’s extramarital affair with Sunny (Ali Reza), things change for him. He makes a perfect plan to kill her, but things go out of his control when Disha accidentally dies in his arms. Left with no other choice, he cleans up her death and goes to the police to file missing persons report about his wife. But there he gets another huge shock when he finds out that another woman named Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) is also there in the police station to file similar mission persons report about her husband Sunny. What follows next is a murky game of cat and mouse chase between the complainants and investigative cop Deva (Bharath Reddy), as he tries to uncover their #BuriedSecrets.

The Expiry Date Review
Image Source: ZEE5

Who steals the show?

Starting with the tight and multilayered screenplay, to the high octane background score, Expiry Date is a perfect thriller series in every sense. The way the director Shankar Marthand has narrated the story is bound to hold your attention until the very last episode. Coming to the lead cast, we have seen Tony Luke in Badla in a supporting role, but in this show, his performance is more like the male version of Taapsee (that’s the only spoiler we will give you, folks!). As Vishwa he completely nails the character. Sneha Ullal has well justified her role of an infidel spouse, but there was not much she could do. Ali Reza is perfect in the negative role – so much so that even in brief screen time he has left a notable impact. But it’s Madhu Shalini who completely steals the show. The way she has portrayed the tension on screen is outstanding.

Expiry Date Review
Image Source: ZEE5

Worth Watching for Weekend

Expiry Date is available exclusively on ZEE5 in both Hindi and Telugu. As for the final verdict on the show, we think it’s a must-watch if you like the done-to-death trope. Although the extramarital affair is not a new concept in web series, #ExpiryDate takes a fresh approach at it, coupled with a gripping screenplay and lead cast. So we would say, go for it this weekend!

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  1. wow..I love trillers and Expiry Date story looks gripping. I hope it comes with subtitles..I would love to watch it.

  2. The plot sounds interesting and am sure the pace would keep the audience glued to their seats. Good to see Sneha Ullal on screen after a long time.

  3. Expiry date sounds like a great show. Love the story line and star cast is also impressive. Thanks for sharing detail review.

  4. Thanks for sharing your honest review about the show. I have been looking for a thriller movie or series to watch during the weekend, this one sounds perfect. Adding it to the list now.

  5. How I love fast paced thrillers ! Your spoiler about Tony Luke has only fuelled my curiosity further.I need to watch “Ëxpiry Date ” ASAP

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