How to increase your website traffic?

“You have to increase my website’s traffic anyhow”

I think all digital marketers are familiar with this line…:) Clients only expectation from us.

So, today I am going to share some easy to follow steps to increase your website traffic.


1. Advertisement:

A.Google Paid ads are one of the best ways to give a instant boost to your site’s traffic. You can start with search and display both. If you have a good budget then definitely you would get conversions on faster mode.

B.Social Media Advertisement: Now a days people are very active in different social sites and social media ads are most popular too. Among these Facebook Ad Manager is the most effective platform.We can see different website ads on Facebook and here the conversion rate is quite good also.


Apart from facebook, Twitter re-marketing, Twitter ads are so popular and effective also.

If you are ready with good budget then Linkedin, Youtube are also valuable platforms for ads.

2.SEO & SEM :

I think you have heard the story of rabbit and tortoise? SEO is like that Tortoise, slow but steady. In SEO, you would not get that instant push but it would help you in long run. SEO is a continuous process.


A sneak peek on SEO Factors:

A.Onpage: It is a major part of SEO. Here you have to take care of some factors which would help you to boost the organic traffic.

  1. Website Health Check up
  2. Keyword Analysis
  3. Meta Tag Optimization
  4. Interlinking

B. Off page: Link building is not bad in SEO. If you can maintain the quality and niche of your business then its absolutely boost your traffic.

You have to chalk out a plan for right promotion of your site. Organic promotion would help you to increase your organic visits.

3.Email Marketing: This is one of the most effective ways to increase your traffic. Every brands are doing this and it helps them to uplift the traffic status. A well designed and well researched email template can boost your traffic immediately.You have to take care of the timing also to increase the open rate.

4.Content Marketing: We know “Content is king”. So it helps to increase the traffic instantly. But you have to plan properly before starting this. The content quality should be good and I would suggest not to go for much promotional. The contents that are actually ideal for your customer base, would helpyou to rank high in SERP.


5.Affiliate Marketing: This is very helpful for online business. If you are the service provider or owner of an ecommerce store then affiliate marketing would help you to increase your customer base.

6.Mobile Marketing: Recent trend shows that maximum people visits website through mobile or tablets. So it is very important to optimize your website for mobile also. You have to take care of the every single part of your mobile site design and page speed also plays a major role here.


Proper planning is the key of success. If you are a service provider then you have to plan accordingly, if you are the owner of an ecommerce store then you have to think, how to increase your ecommerce traffic.

Don’t be depressed with your website traffic. Follow these channels and execute your work with proper planning, there will be a flood of traffic in your website.


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