Style Up Your Little Star with FiG-O-HoNeY

Hello, All beautiful ladies, this review is specially for the new moms!

For the babies, frequent nappy change, diaper rash these are very common issues. We use disposal diapers most of the time and it costs really high! Over the diaper, we use pants and other designer bottom wear for a better look but most of the time it is quite uncomfortable for the baby. At the same time, you couldn’t even think to go out for a party with your baby, while he/she wearing only a diaper! Right?

But now, you can 🙂 – because you have FiG-O-HoNeY!

Price: One Cloth Diaper costs 499 INR only.
Availability: Amazon, Figohoney

They have some amazing cloth diapers with gorgeous colors and adorable prints.All the diapers are eco-friendly and reusable.The diapers fit for infants to toddlers (4.5 kg to 15kg).

Why you should buy Cloth Diaper from FiG-O-HoNeY


Initially, you can think that a cloth diaper is costly but it can be used many times and turns out cost effective in the long run. Statistics says, a baby needs 5000 disposal diapers till potty training which costs around 50000 INR approximately.But you can save 50% to 80% of that money by using cloth diaper.

So, its time to say a big NO to disposal diapers.


Cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals present in disposal diapers. FiG-O-HoNeY cloth diapers are made of soft, stay-dry fabric on the inside, to keep the baby’s skin dry.The inserts are made of absorbent fabric and the outer layer is waterproof to prevent diaper leaks.


As I say, style is important now for the babies, we all mammas, want to give our child the most fashionable look! Here my little Mickey Mouse is ready for the outing wearing this funny animal printed diaper. All the diapers have fabulous print and design to make these more attractive.

Long trip or short, whatever it is, our little one takes the maximum space in our travel bag. Their foods, medicines,diapers, the moms have to be ready always for any kind of emergency situation. We need badly a diaper bag to make things more organised. FiG-O-HoNeY has some amazing, travel friendly diaper bags too.


These bags come with two compartments – a wet waterproof section and a zippered dry section. A loop handle for easy carrying. So you can keep dry and soiled diapers separately in a single bag. I loved this one. 🙂

Price: One Bag costs 599 INR only.
Availability: Amazon, Figohoney

Checkout their Instagram Page and For any queries or feedback, write at [email protected]
Phone: +91 9538867744

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Chemical free
  3. Washable
  4. Good Designs and Prints
  5. Each diaper has gentle elastic gussets to contain the mess
  6. Soft stay-dry fabric to keep baby’s skin dry
  7. Overlap snaps to fit infants
  8. Waterproof outer layer
  1. Not available in offline stores
  2. Diapers cost is high but justified while comparing to disposal diapers.But Diaper wet & dry bag is a bit costly for me.
Final Verdict:

I have used their product. My kid was quite comfortable with this diaper and he loved the animal print design also. It has pocket at the back for removal insert which is really good.

SayeriDiary Rating: 4.7/5

My kid is very happy what about yours? Try their diapers and share your feedback below in the comment box. 🙂

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One thought on “Style Up Your Little Star with FiG-O-HoNeY

  1. You know the comfort level for the kid is the basic need which we get here.

    The happy happy face in your kid is the key to succes at home. That success feeling is the confidence in you which grow over the time with your growing kid.

    Nappy nappy happy kids😉

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