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Best Movies By Prosenjit Chatterjee That is A Must Watch

While speaking of contemporary Bengali commercial or art film, Prosenjit Chatterjee aka Bumba Da takes a special mention as an acclaimed national award-winning actor. Since our childhood, we have seen his back to back super hits and loved his spectacular performances. So, let’s track his evolution through some of his best movies over the years.

Drishtikone (2018)

Drishtikone Bengali Movie
Image Source: zeebanglacinema
  • Director: Kaushik Ganguly
  • Lead Characters:
  • Jion Mitra (Prosenjit Chatterjee)
  • Rumki (Churni Ganguly)
  • Srimoti (Rituparna Sengupta)

In the movie, Prosenjit plays Jion Mitra, a lawyer by profession living with wife Rumki and kids happily. But a mysterious woman Srimoti comes to Jion for help with her husband Polash’s murder case. From here on, the wicked game of lies and twists unfolds. Drishtikone raises some interesting questions on various themes like love and fidelity while being backed by some spectacular performances by Bumba Da and Rituparna, catch this interesting thriller now on ZEE5.

Utsab (2000)

Image result for Utsab (2000)
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  • Director: Late Rituparno Ghosh
  • Lead Characters:
  • Arun: Prosenjit Chatterjee
  • Keya: Rituparna Sengupta

This collaboration with an ace director Rituparno Ghosh marked an evolution in Bumba Da’s acting career. His brilliant performance has got him the National Award among other accolades. Set in the backdrop of festivity of Durga Pujo, the movie depicted the emotional tangles of a family that is coming together after many years.

Chokher Bali (2003)

Image result for Chokher Bali - prosenjit and ash
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  • Director: Rituparno Ghosh
  • Lead Characters:
  • Binodini: Aishwarya Rai
  • Ashalata: Raima Sen
  • Mahendra: Prosenjit Chatterjee
  • Behari: Tota Roy Chowdhury

Encompassing the social issues of 1903, the movie sheds lights on themes like love, lust, and social status of widows with unflinching frankness. Prosenjit got many awards and honours for his performance as the man struggling with the social norms in an era that was bound by too many rules.

Baishe Srabon (2011)

Image result for Baishe Srabon

  • Director: Srijit Mukherji
  • Lead Characters:
  • DCP Prabir Roy Chowdhury: Prosenjit Chatterjee
  • Abhijit Pakrashi: Parambrata Chattopadhyay
  • Amrita Mukherjee: Raima Sen
  • Surjo Sinha: Abir Chatterjee


On 2011, Baishe Srabon is a praiseworthy psychological thriller by Bumba Da. Here director Srijit Mukherjee cast him as an ex-cop who had been suspended as a conspiracy. Later on, with his skill, he finds out a serial killer with an interest in poetry with Parambrata. A thrilling narrative that blends Bengali literature and modern-day thrills, Baishe Srabon is one of the best thrillers in recent times.

Praktan  (2016)

Related image

  • Director: Nandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Lead Characters:
  • Ujaan Mukherjee: Prosenjit Chatterjee
  • Sudipa: Rituparna Sengupta
  • Malini / Molly Mukherjee: Aparajita Adhya

The movie revolves around a man’s first unsuccessful marriage and how his wife trains him to be a better husband for the second wife. It unveiled a crucial facet of life which Bumba Da played with grandeur.

So, go ahead and dive into these Bumba da movies not just to witness his matured performances but also for a look into a different take on life.

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35 thoughts on “Best Movies By Prosenjit Chatterjee That is A Must Watch

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Prosenjit is a wonderful actor. Probably the best in bengali cinema at the moment. I have seen Chokher Bali. He is amazing in it. He gets into the skin of his character and does full justice to the role.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day. 🙂

  2. He’s such a veteran and a legend. Have seen Chokher Bali. Great actor. Will check more out. I’m a film buff

  3. Can you believe it? I have not seen any. But after going to through your post and reading the comments, I’m clearly missing out on some fantastic cinema. Definitely streaming a couple of these during the weekend.

  4. These all sound amazing. I need to watch Chokar bali, praktan and drishtikone 2018. Thanks for sharing..These all look interesting movies.

  5. Though a complete movie buff, I am yet to watch any of his movies. But I’ve heard he’s really good. Shall definitely catch up on atleast one of his movies in the coming weekend

  6. Don’t really watch Bengali movies but choker bali is something i really look forward to catching up on. The storylines of some of these are interesting and have tweaked my interest.

  7. I never saw any movie of his but this list looks interesting and i would definitely love to watch them now

  8. Bengali movies are always high on content and emotional layers of human life. I liked the collection here and the storyline. Will check them out if they have English subtitles.

  9. One great part of Bengali movies that I like is Satyajit Ray’s masterpieces. Bengali writers & cinematographers have always got it right. And these films from Prosenjit too speak a lot about the richness of the content.

  10. I have seen the movie Choker Bali (in translation) and totally loved it. Bengali movies are always strong on story line.

  11. Out of all these movies, I have seen only Chokher Bali and I love that movie. I guess I will look for the other ones as well & watch coz I am sure I will love them too!

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