Prepare Your Kid for STEM Learning with Skola

Being a mother, I always want to give my child the best education. We all know, learn through play is the most effective way of the child’s learning journey. Recently I was googling and came to know about STEM learning.

Do you have any idea about Stem Learning?

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. Stem learning starts at the age of 7. STEm not only improves the mathematical or technological skills but also helps your child to think logically and enhances his or her power of creativity.The combination of these 4 areas produces innovators and doers.

In India, it becomes popular now and parents want to give their child this STEM education.

If you want to give your child the STEM education then you should start preparing his/her through Pre-STEM learning.

How do you start this procedure?

The preschool activities will teach your little star the basics of STEM.Your little preschoolers will enjoy & learning will be a fun for them.

Buy different preschool toys online and engage him/her with that. While talking about Preschool toys, I have already mentioned, Skola is a big name here.

How can Skola help ?

Skola helps in Pre-STEM learning i.e- prepares a child for STEM learning. Skola’s ultimate purpose is to improve fine motor skills which certainly helps engineering, but more importantly using fingers helps children think clearly and enhances concentration and cognitive ability which is directly a STEM requirement.

With toys they open up new avenues in your child’s learning ability.

How is the journey with Skola?

It’s a journey through Dexterity (to foster the fine motor skill), Environment (a learning through colors, geometry & motions),Numbers (journey through counting & arithmetic), Language (they learn alphabet & words) & Cognition (they learn about different patterns).

Children also become far more independent and confident through play, it will help them to be more mature, emotionally and socially.

Checkout some amazing toys here and see how they help in your Pre-Stem learning:

  1. Geometry Twins Maze

With this attractive flower shaped toy, children get excited over moving the correct pieces through the petal grooves in order to match the identical shapes.

It helps children visually analyse and compare shapes, and pair identical geometric shapes. Isolating the physical property of shape sets the foundation for geometry at a very young age. As they hold the shapes and navigate the maze, children’s pre-writing skills take a big leap forward.

  1. Cascade Cars

Cars are a great way to engage children. When they roll the cars on the slopes to see them make their way down, it fuels their curiosity and willingness to focus on moving objects.

This toy also leads to awareness of motion and movement as children watch and analyse the movements of the cars as they roll down the slopes. As they push the cars further or hold them back, they understand the impact of their actions on the speed, motion and time factors of the cars. As children place, move and stop the cars, they also enhance their fine motor skills.

Checkout the detailed review about Cascade Cars.

  1. Colour Wheels

This helps children visualise the gradation of colours in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

As children begin to sort different shades of colours, it magnifies their understanding of colour at a very young age. It enhances their visual discrimination skills and makes them aware of the comparison between colours.

One of the most exciting challenges this toy poses is when the children have to match shades by memory, and this exercises their mind in a way that significantly enhances their cognitive ability. The simple action of using their hands to rotate the wheels and locking them in place, enhances their eye-hand coordination.

You can get so many toys here based on your kid’s age group. Each toy is designed for a specific age group and each has a particular specification to encourage the child in Pre-STEM learning.

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  1. This is really interesting concept, I haven not heard about it before, thanks for sharing this latest way of teaching. it is a great tool to make teaching exciting for smaller kids.

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