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5 Best Sensitive Wipes for Newborn Babies

Post-partum pregnancy and parenting is a ‘long haul’ journey. Quite intimidating it seems, but after all its motherhood and one cannot faux paus its pros and cons. Foremost concern in pregnancy is nausea followed up with mood swings but when the baby pops out, there are a plethora of concerns a young mother has to run about in her life.

First and foremost important thing of concern is hygiene which is of utmost importance for your baby especially after birth. Though we have natural alternatives but there are certain brands that forge for artificial methods from baby food to wet wipes.

But keeping in mind the baby’s delicacy, we must go a tad bit to do justice to our baby by not throbbing or introducing artificial products that might harm the little one’s delicate health.

I personally recommend 5 best sensitive wet wipes for newborn babies as it’s necessary to set our care regime right during these sensitive years of baby birth.


1. Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh is one of the best Unscented Water Wipes which I would be glad to recommend to each and every mother. So from poop and pee cleaning from your baby’s bottom, make sure you use natural water wipes and not the artificial ones which might cause irritation and rashes, thereby leaving your baby restless.

Unscented Baby Wipes

Wet wipes from Mother Sparsh are made of plant fabrics and are as good as cotton and water as their main ingredients are purified water, Aloe vera extract and Jojoba oil. Moreover these are non-soapy and are 100% biodegradable which makes them environment friendly too.

It is available on online portals like firstcry & amazon. For further details visit Mother Sparsh.

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2. Pampers

Pampers fresh wet wipes contains chemicals that will keep the babies skin dry and rash free. It not only removes dirt but comes with a soft fresh smell with apt moisture, keeping your baby’s bottom supple and soft.

It is softer than cotton and wool and such unscented water wipes is easily accessible with a clip attested to the packet without breaking the moisture away, thereby maintaining a strong pH level.

3. Dove

Dove baby wipes are soft and gently nourish, replenish your little munchkin’s delicate skin against dryness and irritation. These wet wipes are as mild as moisturizers and cleansers.

4. Huggies

Huggies wet wipes are also pure and rash free for babies bottom. It is Hypoallergenic and clinically tested. It gives all the care your baby needs for its delicate skin.

5. Pigeon Water Wipes

These wipes has soothing properties of Chamomile and the extract of the same naturally moisturizes and is perfect wipe so that your little one remains hygienically safe and clean.

Source: Google

As you’ve now got an idea about the wet wipes, try picking a suitable one for your baby. All these are clinically proved and tested. But I would personally recommend for Mother Sparsh #UnscentedWaterWipes as its safe to use, alkaline free and natural. A good and clean packaging with fewer chemicals and just made for meeting babies daily needs.

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Good list of wipes however I Personally think Mother Sparsh is the best of the lot simply because it contains purely water in it.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. Ritu Kalra says:

    I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my son. .it has 99% water so I know that my child is getting the best care

  3. I love the Mother sparsh wipes for the very reason that’s it’s 99%water based wipes.Loved your other recommendations too .

  4. Those are some great options for baby’s delicate skin . I’ve used most of these baby wipes and personally love Mother sparsh.

  5. I am a huge fan of Mother Sparsh wet wipes. Safe and best on the market.

  6. These are some high quality options for wipes. When it comes to babies, only the best and the safest will do considering their sensitive skin. Have hear a lot of rave reviews of Mother Sparsh among others.

  7. Baby’s delicate skin needs the best and no chemicals. A wipe is something which becomes part of the routine once you have a baby so we need to make the right choice.

  8. Baby sensitive skin needs sensitive wipes. Now choosing the right one becomes easy as u have curated the 5 best wipes.

  9. Mother sparsh wipes are really good and safe for baby’s delicate skin! Loved your list of baby wipes!

  10. Hi I have used Mother Sparsh, Pigeon and Pampers but among all I like Mother Sparsh cause it is the best as it is mild for kid’s skin and effective in cleaning

  11. I love the way you summed up best wipes for sensitive skin of kiddos… i love Mothersparsh wipes… they are awesome

  12. Khushboo says:

    These are some really helpful baby wipes for babies. Mother sparsh indeed a great brand for babies.

  13. These are some great options altogether. I have heard a lot about Mother Sparsh, though.

  14. Saarah says:

    All the wipes you have mentioned are amazing but I can vouch for mother sparsh as i have used them too

  15. momtasticworld says:

    Except peigon I have used all the other brands. Mothersparsh is definitely one of the best bran for baby-wipes that I have used so far

  16. This is quite an exhaustive list Sayeri, and I agree baby wipes are a necessity today. Glad that Mother Sparsh have come out with unscented and clean texture for best usage.

  17. Wipes are every moms need and getting the best in lot makes sense for our kids. Exhaustive list compiled.

  18. Baby wipes are an important part of baby care and choosing the right one is essential. You have suggested some good options here for reference.

  19. I think these are the best options. I have already used two of them and they work well for my baby boy.

  20. I have been using mother sparsh wipes for my daughter and did you love it as it’s really good for baby skin

  21. I love Mother Sparsh wipes as they are chemical free and not harsh for ours or kids skin.Highly recommend everyone to go for it.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  22. I am so glad that I am using best wipe for my kid.

  23. Deepa Jaisingh says:

    Each brand has something to offer, but I love Mother Sparsh the best due to such good reasons that you have mentioned.

  24. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says:

    Mother sparsh is my most fav brand as its water based and great for babys sensitive skin

  25. jhilmildsaha says:

    When it comes to baby wipes mother sparsh is the one i trust. They are indeed the best. Perfect for baby’s pure skin!

  26. Anita says:

    Big Mother sparsh fan after using several brands. I didn’t know they are ultra sensitive. Glad I am using best.

  27. I am a fan of these wipes now.. They are so natural and pure. .. A must buy for new moms n moms to be..

  28. I have liked Mother Sparsh wipes too since they are gentle and has a stronger fabric.

  29. […] Their babywipes are clinically proven and gives purest & gentle care to your baby. I have used their baby wipes also and you can check out my honest opinion here. […]

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