The Checklist I Follow When Travelling With My Baby And You Should Follow It Too

When I was planning a vacation with a baby on board, I knew I had to be a little extra prepared. I was heading to Goa with my husband and baby – a place none of us had ever been to before. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from the vacation. There was just one thing I knew for sure – if I missed out on packing something for my baby, it would be difficult to find it at the holiday destination. Planning things out ahead of time helped us enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Goa.

So, here I am, sharing the checklist I used when I went on a 3-day vacation:

A) Baby Feeding Gear A1. Sippy cups 1-2
A2. Breast pump 1
A3. Nursing wipes 150 [1 pack]
A4. Nursing pads 24 [1 pack]
A5. Feeding bag 1
C) Diapering Essentials C1. Diapers 35 diapers
C2. Diaper rash cream 1
C3. Diaper changing pad 1-2
C4. Wipes 150 [1 pack]
D) Baby Wear D1. Cute clothes 3
D2. Bibs 3
D3. Socks and booties 3

D4. Sun hat 1-2
E) Baby Care E1. Mini bottles 4
E2. Binky 1-2
F) Baby Gear F1. Baby car seat 1
F2. Baby carrier 1
F3. Portable stroller 1
G) Bedtime Essentials G1. Blanket 1
G2. Night light 1

This list is for reference purposes only and has been written for a 3-day vacation. You can modify this according to you and your baby’s needs.

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