My Dad is World’s Best Dad

Yes!! My dad is world’s best Dad and I mean it. He can do anything for me. He loves me unconditionally, he supports me always, and he helps me to be a good human being. We have a special bonding that we can cherish for the lifetime.

Let me tell you all an incident!

I was in standard seven; it was a monthly test I got 14 out of 50 in Mathematics. I was good at studies so such poor mark was a big shock for me.

I was feeling down and didn’t know how I could face my parents!!

But my dad told me, ‘It’s true that you have got poor marks but that doesn’t mean you can’t score good marks. So work hard and prepare yourself for the final exam.’

Those words charged me up and I scored good marks in the final exam. So this is my Dad – an ever-cool person.

One more thing I want to share, my father didn’t beat me ever. Whenever I did anything wrong, he has discussed the fact with me, explained to me the reason but never beat me.

From the very beginning, I am very close to my dad. We share almost everything like starting from his first love to my breakups 😉 I am lucky that after marriage also I can see him daily and I kick start my morning with my parents over a cup of tea!!

From my friends, I have heard many negative things about their father.

Incident 1: Her father left the family when she was too small to handle the situation

Incident 2: Her father has so many extramarital affairs and she hates her father.

Incident 3: His father uses to tell him that how much he has spent for the sake of his education.

I was from a lower-middle-class family (I repeat lower middle-class family) where my father used to struggle every day to earn bread & butter. But he assured the best things always for me. He has done his level best for my comfort and still, he is my ‘Mushkil Aasan’  😉

Best Dad Ever
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Mushkil Aasan – It is a Bengali word which refers to a person to him/her you can ask help for anything and everything. He/She has the solutions for you always.

I know that was a hard time when he had to manage everything starting from my education to house rent, but he didn’t ever ask me for help. He took all the pressure to give me a secured life. I was so young to understand everything but one thing I knew that I have to do something; I have to be stable in life to give my parents a better life.

I always feel that relationship needs nurturing but trust me some relationship doesn’t need anything. It can grow in its own way.  My relationship with my dad is just like that.

I don’t need any father’s day to celebrate this relationship rather every day is a father’s day for me!! J

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Fathers Day Blog Train

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23 thoughts on “My Dad is World’s Best Dad

  1. My father also provided me and my siblings the best of the things he could do from his limited resources. Obviously we don’t a specific day to acknowledge what he did/is doing for his children life long.

  2. Sayeri
    This was so moving. My dad has been a pillar for me too. Father’s day is a celebration of a concept of father. Sometimes fatherhood comes from a single mom, from a grandparent an uncle a friend.
    Let’s celebrate the fathering love every day. 😀
    I live this tribute to your dad. Gratitude and celebration as you truly said is moment by moment not one day.

  3. Emotional thoughts which are directly came from heart. The foundation of a daughter and father’s relationship is trust and faith. This is the only thing which a daughter received from her father. I don’t think she ever get that trust in rest of her life from anybody. #SuperHero

  4. You wrote it so well dear. Really dads are the best.. They never expresses though. ..But they do best for us. And specially girls have special feelings for their dads and vice versa.

  5. We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been the one reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow their footsteps and will always make the right decision like they have taught us.well written. And thank u for sharing ur feeling.

  6. Your emotions reflects in your writing. I can relate to every word you’ve put here. It’s a beautiful bond. My dad too has endured so much and still didn’t stop being strong like a wall to guard his family. Dad is a real #superhero

  7. I also have same bonding with my papa, I can share everything with him… I think having a dad cum friend makes life more easy and things get more easier. Lovely post.

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