PRE-STEM Toy Review: Cascade Cars From Skola

If you are the regular readers of my blog then you know already that I have shared my wonderful experience about the brand Skola.
Check this post to know more about the brand.
In my previous post, I have shared some suggestions about Pre-STEM learning. Learning toys play an important role here. In the Skola store, I loved all their educational toys specially designed for Pre-STEM learning.

I have shared my views about Pre-STEM learning which I feel extremely beneficial for your kid’s overall development.
Learning is not about reading books all the time. As a parent, our responsibility is to make their learning process interesting and fascinating. Kid’s love to play with toys so give them educational toys that help them to learn naturally.

I have a plan to gift Mickey (My Son) a toy from Skola’s online store.
I am extremely happy to share that I have received the ‘Cascade Cars’ toy from the brand.

Cascade Cars

The set includes wooden cascade slope & 3 wooden cars
Your kid can track the movement of the cars as they cascade down the stepped slopes.

How does it help your kid for Pre-STEM learning?

A Journey through motion:

The initial skill they have to develop is visual tracking.
When they are placing the cars on the slopes, watching the motion of the objects, that basically improves his/her visual tracking ability and this toy leads to the awareness of motion & movement.
When they push the car or hold it back, they understand the impact of their action on the speed of the car.
It improves their fine motor skill while they are placing the cars or move & stop them.

Activity with The Toy:

Place the cars on top of the slope and watch them moving down. Your child can closely track the motion of cars without moving their eyes off them.Your kid can place the cars at any of the slopes and track the movement from there.Give it to your kid and ask them to play with this in what way they want.

Age Group: 1.5+
Price: 2,495.00 Includes shipping & taxes

The toy is made up of wood, even the cars also.
Precaution: This is a heavyweight wooden toy so do not keep your child unattended while playing with this.


It is a big thumb up from my side. Amazing packaging. First time I have received a product with this kind of packaging.The toy comes in a white box & so many doodles are printed over it.The box was covered with two layers of plastic covering.

Additional Fun: A small box with 4 color pencils, I have received with the toy. If your kid loves painting then he could color the doodles also…:)

My Experience:

I knew that all their toys are scientifically designed and made up with some special intention that encourages the Pre-STEM learning. But when I received the toy, it was 100 times better than my expectations. We use to buy toys online but this one is a unique piece. Even the packaging box is designed with doodles to add more fun to your kid’s basket.

My son was down with fever and he was in a bad mood. Fortunately, I received the product that day and it was a full surprise for him. He is 3yrs old, when he saw the toy first, the word he uttered was ‘WOW’.
Even my husband also loved this toy.

Final Verdict:

If you see their products online, you can feel that products are bit pricey. Honestly, I thought that too. But when you will see the toys you can understand the values of these. All the toys are specially designed to help the child in Pre-STEM learning.A huge difference between Skola Toys and other online toys, so it’s price-worthy.

SayeriDiary Rating: 5/5

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3 thoughts on “PRE-STEM Toy Review: Cascade Cars From Skola

  1. I have read so much about skola toys and even shortlisted a few on their site. But, somehow I’m still perplexed on introducing the kid of toys to my almost 3 yo old. I mean she has a play dough set, colours, blocks, and even puzzles that I feel I may be giving her too many new toys too soon. How often do you give new toys to your kid?

    1. Basically I also love toys, cars 🙂 🙂 🙂 So I used to buy toys frequently but then I realized its not good for him, so now I give him toys occasionally.

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