10 Health Benefits of Omega-3

What is Omega-3?

It is a class of polyunsaturated fatty acids especially found in fish oils that help to lower low density lipoproteins (LDL) in blood. Basically LDL is bad cholesterol which coagulates in blood vessels. Omega-3 has anticoagulant property which prevents coagulation of LDL in the body. They are naturally occurring fatty acids found in plants and animals.

Types of Omega-3:

ALA (alpha-lenolenic acid)

 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

EPA (elcosapentaenoic acid)

ALA is mainly found in plants while EPA and DHA are found in animal foods and algae. Food that is rich in omega-3 is fish oil. Flax seeds, walnuts, canola oil, soybeans, meat, eggs and dairy products.

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10 health benefits of Omega-3:

  1. One of the most important benefits of Omega-3 is, it overcomes or prevents depression and mania in adults as well as students. DHA helps in brain development. When children lack DHA, brain is not completely developed & there are more chances of depression in students due to academic stress leading to severe depression and mania in adulthood. Children who lack DHA are weak at mental work. They are unable to perform mental work related to academics especially mathematics where even math tuition fails to guide them and to make them strong at mental work. Omega-3 is beneficial for attention, behavioral development and emotional problems in children and adults both. Consider Omega-3 as vitamin and give this supplement to your children from their childhood.

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  2. Omega-3 also helps to prevent sudden cardiac death in patients with myocardial infarction. In high doses it prevents fatal cardiovascular events leading to death. It reduces chances of death in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction. Reduces chances of death due to heart attack.
  3. Raised Omega-3 levels in blood to prevent fibrillation (atrial or ventricular). And in small quantities it prevents coronary heart disease. It also helps improving endothelial function in peripheral arterial disease and also prevents the risk of peripheral arterial disease caused by smoking.
  4. It helps to prevent Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism in children. It helps in neuron development and memory formation.
  5. Omega-3 prevents high levels of homocysteine in diabetic patients and prevents insulin resistance.
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  6. Omega-3 creates resistance against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection preventing cystic fibrosis (frequently occurring lung infection from childhood).
  7. Omega-3 has protective effect towards over mucus production in cystic fibrosis. Also it helps to prevent inflammation, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and interleukin-8 concentrations in cystic fibrosis.
  8. It has therapeutic value in treating dry eye syndrome. Also it prevents glaucoma and age related macular degeneration of eye.
  9. It is helpful in prevention of urinary tract calcium oxalate stone formation.
  10. It has inhibitory effect on breast cancer development and metastasis.
Hermp Seeds
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Hemp seed is a great source of omega-3 take hemp milk and give it to the growing children just blending hemp seed with water. Tuna fishes, sardines and salmon are good source of omega-3. Dairy products, milk meat and eggs are rich with omega-3.

Especially for children use this food as supplementation for growth and development. For pregnant women omega-3 containing food is very beneficial because it can best supplement in mother’s womb at the time of development of organs. Especially DHA is important during pregnancy for brain development of child. So we hope that you get adequate information about omega-3 through this article. Eat, be happy and of course stay positive.


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One thought on “10 Health Benefits of Omega-3

  1. I recently heard about plant protein and animal protein in a seminar in Kolkata last Sunday.

    I came to know that plant protein helps us to live long where as animal protein if we intake more than 3% we are in death phase.

    I came to know from this article why protein and omega 3 is such important.

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