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What One Should Not Do While Selecting An Event Venue

What Not To Do When Selecting Wedding Venues In Chennai?

What’s the most stressful part of a wedding? Planning it. What the most stressful part of planning a wedding? Finding the venue. These are facts of life that cannot be changed. When you go looking for a wedding reception venue, especially in a massive metropolis like Chennai, you have to answer a million different questions. From knowing what type of décor, you want to identify the number of guests, finding the perfect location takes a lot of effort.

Thankfully, there are some tricks to making the process easier and more fun. Keep away from these “don’ts” and selecting the wedding venue will be easy as cutting a pie!

Do not go stingy on the size

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If you plan a wedding in Chennai with a guest list of 100, do not go looking for a venue that can fit only 70 or even 100. The trick is to add a buffer of 50 to 100. For example, if the attendees are about 200, then search for a location that can fit in 250 or even a hundred. Why the buffer? Remember it is a wedding, not a play. Your audience will be moving about, and you need extra space for it.

Furthermore, there will be catering and entertainment. If you hire a small wedding hall where will they fit in? For instance, a live orchestra will need a stage of their own, which is likely to eat up a lot of floor space! Therefore, ask these questions while considering the size:

Does it have enough space for guests to move comfortably?

Does the venue feel cosy or claustrophobic?

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The answer to each of them should be in the positive for the venue to have the appropriate capacity for your event. Also, bear in mind that the layout of a place can completely change the space. Two halls with the same area can have different capacity due to design constraints!

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Mistakes You Should Not Make While Selecting The Venue

Do not ignore the weather.

Yes, the weather. When people plan a wedding, they rarely think of the season of the weather. It is one of the common mistakes (and the biggest). Think about it, what would happen to the gorgeous lawn décor if it rains? Thus, do not be complacent of the weather. Be prepared for it. If the likelihood of rain or storm is high, think of an indoor wedding venue. But if your heart is set on an outdoor location, then get tents and umbrellas for protection!

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Do not choose a site with no experience.

It is true that practical knowledge has no contemporary. It signifies that a venue that has never hosted a wedding will not know the nitty-gritty of it. Knowledge and experience can significantly alter how well a place can plan and organise an event. Ergo, ask the venue for a list of wedding they have hosted. Also, do not forget to ask for references. Couples who previously got married on the location are your best call to selecting or rejecting the venue!

Beware Of These Pitfalls When Selecting A Venue

Do not forget to make a budget and do not overstep it.

The list of Wedding Halls In Chennai is long. You will inevitably find one that fits you. The question is, will it fit your budget. Most couples make the mistake of not setting a financial limit when shopping for wedding halls. When you fail to make a budget, at the end of the day, you end up with a bill that is sky high.

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Additionally, once you the limit, stick to it. What is the use of deciding the maximum you can pay for a venue and then crossing it? The result is the same. A wedding that weighed heavily on the pocket!

Do not pick a venue in an obscure location.

Lastly, no guest wants to drive down lonely roads or half-built highways to reach even the most gorgeous resort they have ever seen. By this, we mean, do not pick a wedding venue that your guests can’t reach easily. Choose one that is readily accessible!

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  1. I agree with the above mention pointers. Weather, the number of guests are the most highlighted points which should be addressed properly.

  2. Some great pointers while choosing a venue, yes weather and experience of the venue is very important 👌

  3. Wedding venues need to be selected after much thought. Convenience in travel and good ventilation are very important apart from budget.

  4. Excellent pointers one should keep in mind while selecting the wedding venue. I remember once we attended a wedding & the venue was quite far almost on the outskirts of the city and there was no map attached to the wedding card, it took us more than 2 hrs to reach the venue, not a very great experience.

  5. Very vital tips Sayeri and can I agree more to your recommendations. Simple points we often overlook while booking a banquet hall.

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