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5 Creative Ways To Decorate A Wedding

There are plenty of ways to decorate a wedding ceremony and the ones you’ll have to choose depending on your budget and preference. If you so much fancy the use of greenery, you can opt to decorate your wedding with lots of flowers and plants.

However, some couples choose to use only few plants or flowers probably because they don’t want the events to seem like garden weddings. Provided you’d like to give your wedding a blossoming atmosphere, you could use plenty of decorative items including ribbons, balloons and flowers.

Wedding Decoration with flowers
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If you would be paying much attention to the interior of your wedding venue, here are 5 creative ways you can create an awesome decorative style that would give your wedding ceremony the huge difference you desire.

Use Flower Chandeliers

Wedding venue decoration with Flower Chandeliers
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Many couples are embracing the idea of using flower chandeliers to spruce up their wedding ceremonies. Besides being one of the interesting wedding trends out there, flower chandeliers can add great elegance to your wedding scene. Needless to say, they happen to be one of the best ways you can decorate a wedding venue with flowers. However, try to keep the flower chandeliers moderate especially if you wouldn’t like your guests to deem the event a garden wedding.

Brighten Your Wedding Cake with Colorful Flowers

Wedding Cake with flowers
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If you so much cherish flowers and would like to use them in spicing up your wedding ceremony, you can stack colorful flowers around your wedding cake. To make great excitement out of this idea, simply decorate the cake with your favorite wedding colors. Not only will this bring out the beauty of your wedding cake, it will also improve the overall elegance of your wedding venue.

Decorate the Staircase of Your Wedding Venue

wedding stairs decoration
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This is one sure way to decorate your wedding venue especially if it is a building with a lovely staircase. Spice up the staircase with attractive and fragrant flowers that will hold the attention of your guests. Pack a decent amount of colorful flowers and arrange them along the handrails from the top to the bottom. Also, you can use the same colorful flowers in beautifying the entryway of your wedding venue.

Use Hanging Decorations

Decorative items suspending from the rafters of your wedding venue can add great excitement to your wedding space. If you wouldn’t like your wedding scene to seem too elaborate, you could use basic hanging decorations such as paper lanterns and yarn chandeliers.

Decorative hangings
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Also, beautiful flowers, photos, balloons and ribbons can be hung in different corners of the wedding venue. With hanging decorations, your wedding space is very unlikely to look scanty and after your wedding ceremony, the hanging decorations can still be used in decorating other places.

Create Decorative Centerpieces

Wedding venue decoration
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Centerpieces are part of the areas guests look very often at a wedding ceremony. If you want centerpieces to improve the overall beauty of your wedding venue, focus on how to furnish them with attractive items including tables, flower vases and mason jars. Since centerpieces easily align with what you want for them, you can use your favorite containers and flowers of varying sizes. Also, you can add your favorite fruit to the contents on each table and if you want the centerpiece to seem larger, you can add a gorgeous mirror to the items in it.

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29 thoughts on “5 Creative Ways To Decorate A Wedding

  1. Hi sayeri,

    great post! You have shared some good suggestions here in this post. i personally like flowers so for me Flower Chandeliers looks great. They give you nice fragrance and add positive lively environment which is so much the requirement in a wedding ceremony. Colorful flowers with mix of balloons and ribbons decor looks perfect.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. I love reading your articles about wedding planner and tips are really helpful…my cousins wedding is approaching soon so hopefully we can improve on certain things by reading ur articles

  3. Awesome! Weddings are always fun times and if fun times are this beautiful, what else one wants! After reading your post I am longing to attend a wedding 😄

  4. Wedding decor is much more than decor, its memories and mark the d day forever. Love ur post. The decor ideas make me feel , its time to get married again😜 with same man ofcourse 😜😜

  5. Wow.. some amazing ideas and beautiful pics.. i love when i pass by a wedding location and the entrance is all grandly decorated with flowers or lights or something unique. Builds the setting really think decorating the entrance goes a long way.

  6. With the wedding soon just around the corner I am sure this one is going to be a super insightful and useful article for most of us.
    Thanks for these wonderful tips.

  7. I never got a chance to plan my own wedding. I remember I was fretting bcz my Baba was busy with elections. He was so busy with his candidate that I would jardlh see him at home but then he was also taking care of the wedding and the decor I kept hearing. I wasn’t sure. Yes, if I was given a choice I would highly prefer the flower chandeliers and the pataka decor that you have put up here but I guess with whatever lil time he had he did manage to make it a royal wedding with the splash of royal maroon all over, water fountains as the center piece. It turned out good.

  8. This post has made me nostalgic Sayeri, we had flower decoration with embellished stone curtains in between the mandap. It was beautiful, love the ideas you represented here.

  9. Great tips to make the special occasion auspicious. I love the idea of a flower chandelier. Even I have recommended the same for a few of my friend’s wedding. A handful of them has tried it and told me that it was one hell of an idea. At the same time, I do recommend maintaining a cheat sheet. Most often my cheat
    sheet will have a list of delicious designer sweets.

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