Revealing The Theme – #AtoZChallenge2018

Yes, finally I am going to take a part in the A to Z challenge. It’s a much-awaited writing festival for bloggers like us. We love to write and A to Z challenge gives us the opportunity to get more exposure as well. We, the like-minded people (the blogger) come under the big umbrella where we write and share our thoughts and ideas on our blog.

What is A to Z Challenge?

We all know about this already still I am explaining the process for whom who don’t know about it.

  • It is a daily blogging challenge
  • An alphabet for a day, like for 1st April – A, 2nd April – B, 3rd April – C and so on.
  • Sunday, you can take rest – so no post for Sundays
  • You need to select a theme and based on that you have to write the daily posts
A to Z Challenge 2018
source: Blogchatter

What will be my theme?

I started my blog with a very casual approach but now I have fallen in love with SayeriDiary. I take the full care of it and I can’t even stay a single day without seeing it πŸ˜‰

So now, Blogging is my passion.

Since my childhood, I love dancing. I am a trained Kathak dancer though I didn’t complete my 5th-year exam but I passed my 4th-year exam with distinction. πŸ™‚ Yes! Dance is my passion too.

Dance Theme - A to Z Challenge 2018
source: google

So, I am planning to make it a theme for this #AtoZChallenge2018.

The Theme is #DanceKaPunchnama

Every day I will take a dance form in alphabetical order and try to share all my experience, knowledge about that particular dance only. It will be a real fun.

Dance Theme - #AtoZChallenge2018
source: google

So 26 days, 26 Alphabets and 26 Dance form!

Benefits of A to Z Challenge

  • It will improve my writing skill
  • My DA, PA, MOZ Rank, Alexa rank everything will improve
  • The Blog footfalls will be increased
  • The more content, the more page views
  • The more page views, the more traffic πŸ™‚
  • The blog will get more exposure
  • It will give us courage & positive vibes too

Would you like to take this A to Z challenge?

Register here to get this challenge and you can send email to the blogchatter team for any query.

Email id: [email protected]

The International A to Z Challenge

This is an international writing event where all the bloggers across the globe join and take this challenge.

You can also register here.

A to Z Challenge - Blogging
source: A to Z Challenge

So, finally, I am accepting the #AtoZChallenge2018 happily! Are you???

Please comment below πŸ™‚

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  1. jaya1966

    Finally all about dance from an experienced dancer and that too in alphabetical order. My niece is a Bharatantyam dance and the year before last we conducted the arangetrum or the first dance performance. Best of luck.

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  2. Medha Nagur

    Dancing is my passion too although I am not a trained dancer. You’ll always hear me talk something about dance somewhere on the net including my about page on my blog. I also attend Zumba classes every weekend. This has hooked me for sure!

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