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How Ring Styles Have Changed Over The Centuries

When you take a good look at ring styles, you will see that there have been many changes over the centuries, and in a way, jewellery design is a direct reflection of the society at the time. If we go back to the turn of the 20th century, for example, we can see that the style became more intricate, as a new fun loving English King entered the stage, and with the glamorous French fashion taking hold, engagement and wedding rings began to incorporate intricate lace patterns with lots of tiny diamonds coming together to create some amazing clusters. Platinum was widely used in the ring making industry at that time, and, of course, diamonds were always evident with floral patterns that required very skilful placing.

The Roaring Twenties

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The 1920s saw fashion take on a new level of sophistication, and as people were still using candlelight, this was an ideal opportunity to show off those sparkling stones, and larger diamonds became popular, with heart shaped clusters in abundance, and by using platinum, the stones were set in a much more secure way. Towards the end of the decade, Art Deco arrived on the scene, and this made everything look glitzy, and the trend was to use a single shaped diamond, as opposed to having lots of small stones in a cluster. If you are currently looking for quality jewellery, Kalmar Antiques offer beautiful antique diamond rings, and with an extensive collection of quality pieces, you are sure to find the ring of your dreams.

The 1930s

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Art Deco continued to rise in popularity with larger diamonds and more intricate and bold designs appearing, and with sharp lines and lots of colour, engagement and wedding rings focused on a single stone rather than the delicate cluster of the previous decade. Platinum was still the metal of choice, although World War II was about to make platinum much harder to come by, which led to the introduction of yellow and rose gold as an alternative.

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Post War Society

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Heavy marketing by De Beers in the mid-forties made the diamond an even more popular stone for wedding and engagement rings, and at the same time, the company’s diamond mines in Africa also became more open, making diamonds more available. “A Diamond is Forever” became their successful slogan, and men generally accepted that diamonds were a suitable way to express their deep love and devotion for their partners, and this craze was carried over into the fifties.

The Fifties

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Diamonds were much more available by this time, and certain styles proved to be more popular than others, with single stones giving way to small clusters once more. Large, symmetrical diamonds with a small stone on each side soon became the trendy way to adorn engagement rings and the diamond push was still in full swing, with more mines opening around the world.

Ring designs may have changed over the decades, but there are some consistencies, with diamonds always being a girl’s best friend, and whichever era you prefer, make sure the glittering stones are prominent.


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