5 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Day Goes Without Hitch

A significant portion of the stress that goes hand-in-hand with getting married relates to the anticipation that something could go wrong at a moment’s notice during the day.

In reality, it rarely does – but it’s your big day, so any carried anxiety is going to detract from one of the most important and memorable events you’ll ever experience – so it pays to make sure all reasonable steps have been taken to make sure things go to plan.

What follows are 5 tried and tested ways that you can make sure your wedding day goes without any unforeseen problems!

Create clear expectations before the ceremony

Weddings are emotive times – not just for the happy couple, but for the family, friends and other guests who are witnessing the ceremony. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to be extremely nervous, anxious – and frankly, a little unpredictable on the day!

Wedding Day Stress
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There’s no doubting that the people you’ve inviting to your wedding are all wonderful – but even the very best people can take unexpected turns when they’re slightly uncomfortable in a situation – this is even more likely if your wedding allows for drinking, especially into the evening.

Wedding Day and Friends
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The very best way to make sure that everyone is on their best behavior is to lay out some really clear expectations before the big day. Do you have an aunt who’s likely to offend with her brutal honesty about how people look? Perhaps you’ve got a Dad who’s going to spend all day worrying about making a speech? Or friends who might have very different ideas about what ‘well-behaved’ children are!

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There’s nothing worse than having to manage your guests when you should be enjoying yourself – so don’t be afraid to counter any potential problems before the day – and if those are likely to be conversations that are difficult to have, talk to a couple of level-headed dependable guests about being peacekeepers throughout the day!

Prepare a survival kit

The last thing you need is to be caught out and find yourself needing something vital as you’re about to have you first dance or walk down the aisle – so make sure you’ve put together a survival kit that’s never far from you.

Wedding Kit
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What goes in there is up to you; common additions will include a sewing kit, make up kit, oil blotting sheets, hair pins, hair spray, blister plasters (for if you haven’t broken those shoes in!) sanitary products, body spray, perfume and, in case of a jewelry emergency – ear ring backs!

You might want to put some sweets or chocolate in there too. In fact, anything you can eat quickly is useful – as it’s not uncommon for brides to be the last person to eat, or simply not able to stomach a big meal with all the excitement. Once again, having a maid of honour who’s able to stash these items somewhere you can sneak off to for 5 minutes is really useful – she’ll become your closest ally if you need a quick adjustment to keep you feeling comfortable.

Check and double check that your venue is ready

Venue problems can be the worst kind – as it’s quite simply a part of your wedding where you’re relying on other people to deliver the service you need.

Wedding Venue
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It goes without saying that you should make sure your ideal venue is booked as soon as you decide on a date. It’s not uncommon for the best venues to be booked months in advance. Cardiff’s Chapel 1877 wedding venue is so popular that the most desirable dates are often booked a couple of years in advance!

Approaching the day, check in with your venue frequently – the last thing you need is to turn up to any unexpected changes that could throw your whole day out of sync. It’s worth talking to venues about honesty – while the majority of venues never experience any issues, in the rare instance that they do, they’ll sometimes try to avoid causing undue stress by trying to carry on regardless. While this kind of intention is positive, it’s always better that you know about any hiccups, so you and your helpers can plan accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

If the last line in our previous tip about ‘helpers’ had you scratching your head and wondering who on Earth would allow anyone else to help with their big day – you may be one of the 75% of people in the world who has problems with delegating tasks to others!

Don’t worry, this is nothing to be ashamed of – after all, who wouldn’t want to be in control of their most important day? However, if you want to keep stress levels to a minimum, it’s really useful to have a handful of trusted people who’ll get little jobs done on your behalf.

The key with delegating is to find people who are willing to help – no one likes to have jobs forced upon them – so gather your nearest and dearest, then ask for help – rather than expect it! You’ll find people are so keen to make sure your day goes well, they’ll bend over backwards to help.

Look after yourself

This last tip is absolutely crucial if you want to enjoy your day – but it’s the one that most brides are unlikely to even consider following.

Look after yourself – both immediately before the big day, and on the day itself.

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You may be under the impression that no one’s going to have a good time unless you’ve worked as hard as you possibly can to make sure the day goes well – but here’s the thing – they’ll have a wonderful time whatever happens – and you’ll be stressed anyway!

Make time for yourself. Relax in the evenings running up to your wedding. If you exercise – keep it up, and if you generally eat well, don’t be tempted by time-saving fast food for pre-wedding convenience. Both of these things can significantly impact your mood – so keeping on top of your good habits is a great idea.

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It’s normal for your mind to be racing through a million things that could happen, should happen, might not happen – and so forth. Consider using a mindfulness app like Calm or Headspace when you’re planning your big day – it might sound strange to some people, but a short 5-10 mindfulness or meditation session can be just what you need to reset a busy brain and make sure you’re calm enough to enjoy what could be the biggest day of your life!

So how was your wedding day? If you are the bride to be then how exactly you are planning for the day?

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    What an amazing article. I must say you write very well. They are so descriptive. I completely agree one’s wedding day is such an important day in one’s life. It is paramount that every thing is planned well and implemented successfully. At the end of the day, bride and bridegroom are the most important people on that day. So, enjoy it to the fullest.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day. 🙂

  2. Thank you dear for these wonderful tips…my cousins wedding is approaching soon and I am sure that with these tips things would go very smoothly instead of a last minute chaos that usually happens in weddings..

  3. Thanks for sharing these Wonderful tips. My wedding day was super awesome with lots of excitement in my eyes but was equally nervous too ! Loved your so beautiful Post !

  4. These are such fabulous tips. Wish you did this post 8 years ago Sayeri when I got married. Trust me it was all mismanaged and everyone had their own ideas and assumptions.

  5. All these tips are so good. Before weddings couples should relax and be well prepared. They should not panic and spoil their most important part of life.

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